First Step:  MicKiss


2014 June 02

Remembering that first step towards seeing Yuchun is still very fresh in my mind. It was an amazing and unforgettable journey.

When we arrived at Mickiss, there were not a lot of people there. And while we looked at the goods, the fans that were there ahead of us finished their shopping, leaving just me and my friend with two people from MicKiss. The older one was so nice and she could speak English fluently. She even helped me try the light stick. After paying for our purchases we left the room. While waiting in front of the building a Line friend told me that the older one at MicKiss is Yuchun’s Aunt! What!! We immediately went back to the apartment and hmmm… bought goods again haha! We asked if we could take photo with her and she said yes. She was really very nice to us, she took photos with us happily. And she even told us the direction going to Bum’s Story. We were lucky to have dinner at Bum’s before it was closed forever. I may not have seen Yuchun that day, but I was a step closer.


mickey ears copy


2014 June 04

Housewarming Party in Seoul on June 4, 2014, the first time my eyes saw Yuchun outside a computer monitor. It was a journey of firsts. It was my first time to travel alone, first time to go to another country I have never been to before, a country I had zero knowledge or understanding of the language. My heart was filled with worry and dread, but Chunsas are amazing. I met people who helped me along the way, people who met me for the first time but took care of me. I thank Heavens for such angels.

What was it like seeing him for the first time? Butterflies fluttering in my stomach, yes hahaha. Official goods were like magnets, I lost control and gravitated towards them. And left with several of them in my paper bag. You just couldn’t say no to them.

Looking at the real Yuchun, the real man in the flesh, even through my binoculars (thanks to the friend who lent me), was surreal. His skin seemed to be glowing and his face was so cute. But what I will NEVER forget about him was his warm voice. Hearing him sing live for the first time melted my heart. I never imagined that moment will happen to me. I did not understand a single thing he said during the FM, I was simply looking at him and listening to his voice. But I was very happy doing just that. I didn’t need to understand what he was saying. Hearing his voice was more than enough for me. A smile was pasted on my face all through out and even after the FM. It was like falling in love, I guess. Every minute detail is etched in my memory, his light blue sweater with cupcakes design at the back (which we could not recognize at first and kept us wondering what was drawn on his sweater’s back), his cute face and his milky skin, the way he almost cried while watching his mom’s birthday message for him, the moment when the microphone slipped from his hand and fell down (loudly haha!), and how he liked the paper planes we flew towards him. Even the littlest thing could make me smile. And I just loved his jazz arrangement of Walking With Her In Spring.

After the FM, the staff gave each one of us 6002 rice cake. It was from Yuchun’s mom! It was so sweet of her. I wanted to preserve it but how could I? So I had to eat it  before it expired haha!

rice cake

Going back home to Indonesia after that first “meeting” was bittersweet. But I felt in my heart I was going to see him again. The question was WHEN?

mickey ears copy


2014 August

Not long after I was back to my country, I heard that JYJ will release a new album and have a series of concerts. OMO! The first thing that came to my mind was “I HAVE TO ATTEND ONE CONCERT AT LEAST NO MATTER WHAT!” But there were 3 problems:

No. 1 – Money (haha!). Going to Seoul so soon after going in June meant I will have to spend all my savings. So I had to think it out a few dozen times. In the end, seeing JYJ won. This concert may be the last one I attend before JYJ have to fulfill their military service. Money I could just save again when I come back, but the chance to see them before they enlist may not come my way again so it had to be grabbed.

No. 2 – Concert Ticket. I wanted so bad to sit at the VIP section that I decided to buy the ticket from black market. Initially there were some problems, but thank God they got resolved just in time. I guess I was lucky. ^^

No. 3 – Work Leave. Having had to take some days off just a couple of months before for the FM, it was highly unlikely I could apply again for another few days of absence. As a matter of fact, I could only take leave for ONE DAY! I practically just watched the concert and then went back home the following morning. 😀

I arrived at the venue at 10 am. There were already so many people queuing to buy official goods I wondered what time they started queuing haha. And as usual, I lost control again when I saw the official goods. XD After that I started taking photos and walked around the venue. That’s the time when you get to meet new friends.  Although I went alone again, I went back home having met and gained new friends including JJ and Junsu fans. And the best part was I heard JYJ rehearsing. This was like a pay-one-get-two haha! 😀


My favorite parts of the concert were I LOVE YOU and the encore. Yuchun gave a different arrangement for I LOVE YOU in Seoul and I liked it so much. His sexy voice and sexy movements OMG I was dying and nose bleeding kkkk. For encore everybody went crazy, not only the fans but also JYJ and their dancers too. I loved EMPTY and GET OUT. We were so crazed we were jumping and dancing on our seats! I never wanted it to end. JYJ live is amazing! I have never regretted spending so much for this concert.

I had a VIP seat but I couldn’t see them clearly even through the binoculars I was using because the stage was so big. When the chance came to see Yuchun closely, which I never thought would happen, but did when they sang Found You and moved to a little stage at the back, I abandoned all my things on the chair: bag, money, passport, and ran with all my might to the back clutching only my light stick and banner. I know it was crazy but I wasn’t thinking about anything except Yuchun and the chance to see him up close. And I did! For a few seconds at least haha! But that was enough for me. OMO HE WAS REALLY HANDSOME AND CHARMING! I felt like I was losing consciousness when I saw him, my mind just went blank haha! *.*

I went back to my guesthouse like an enchanted person, the concert vivid in my mind until I fell asleep. These sweet and exciting memories, I will never, ever forget. ^^

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2015 April

I went to my baby’s country again in April 2015. This time I went with my family for a private tour (meaning I was the tour guide kkk). While preparing for this trip, I was not hopeful of seeing Yuchun because he didn’t have any event during the time I will be in Korea. Although he was shooting for TGWSS in April, I didn’t know his schedule, I didn’t know the shoot locations, and I had nobody to ask.

A few weeks before our trip, my friend who was studying in Seoul sent me a voice message. She told me that Auntie Park needed me to help her buy some purple cassava chips and ship it to her if I don’t mind. Then my friend remembered I will go to Korea in April so maybe I could just bring them with me. When I heard that, all I could do was just open my mouth and freeze and my mind went blank haha! I played the voice message again and again. Did I hear wrong? Are my ears playing tricks on me? Auntie Park? Yuchun’s…Auntie? I cannot believe it! Omo is this real? It was so amazing for me. So I said YES! I will help her.

Because of my tight tour schedule, my friend and I made an appointment on the 5th day. That was a rainy Thursday. The rain didn’t stop falling from morning till afternoon, but luckily it stopped at about 4pm so it was easier for us to go to Mickiss. When we arrived, Auntie Park was busy on the phone doing her job so we waited by looking at Yuchun goods. So many lovely goods there, you can lose control when you see it hehehe. Yuchun’s Auntie is a very kind, warm and humble person just like Yuchun. After her phone conversation she came to us and we finished what we went to MicKiss for. After that she asked us to seat and eat some tomatoes. She even served the tomatoes herself O.O Omo again… I said to myself “Is this real?” I mean she is a very close person to Yuchun and she was treating us so nicely and was serving us tomatoes!

After buying some goods we were getting ready to go but there was a bit of rain again. It was just a little rain, more like drizzle, but Auntie Park seemed to worry for us. We said it was okay, the rain has almost stopped anyway. But guess what? She gave me and my friend, one for each, the Yellow I Miss You Umbrella! OMOOO!! I didn’t get to see Yuchun but I had this beautiful experience with his Auntie who treated me so nicely. What else can I ask for? This was more than enough for me.

I Miss You is my most favorite drama of Yuchun until now. I cannot count the number of times I’ve watched it, specially Yuchun’s parts. So receiving the Yellow Umbrella, given by Yuchun’s Auntie herself, is such a touching moment for me. I’m really thankful to my friend who made it possible, and for always taking care of me when I go to Seoul. I owe you a lot. And of course, thank you Auntie Park for your kindness and for giving us that precious umbrella.


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To Chunsas who would later have a chance to go to Korea to see Yuchun, don’t forget to include these places in your itinerary! 😊

CHERRY BLOSSOM RDDirection : Incheon Subway Line 1 Jakjeon Station Exit 2, walk straight until arrived at Doduri Bridge


Ihwa Mural





Direction : Seoul Subway Line 2 Hongdaeipgu Station (Hongik University) Exit 9. Walk straight 1 block and turn left to the main street. Walk up the street and cross the street. Turn right in front of the main gate of Hongik University and walk straight down the street.


Direction : Shibundangseon Line, Pangyo Station Exit 2. Walk 20 minutes along the major road.










Namsan Park


Someday, we shall meet. No matter how long it takes, I have faith that these steps will lead to that moment.

By Angella @angella6002

Photos used credit to: Angella and Feby

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”


THIS IS FOR YOU.  Wishing you all the very best.

                                                                                                                                – Jellybean



11 thoughts on “STEPS LEADING TO YU”

    1. @Angella: someday when I go for a private tour you shall be my tour guide haha! Thank you for sharing this very exciting and informative experience at Pages. I had fun collaging your photos.

      Now that we have directions going to MicKiss, could someone please share the directions to Micky’s heart? Haha! 😀


  1. @Angella ,what an amazing close encounter. Not all chunsas who visit Mckiss have that rare priviledge of being asked by his Aunt to help her in any way. Wow! You deserve that , for your undying devotion to Yu Chun.


    1. @YC Love : I even sometimes still feel it like a dream. I was lucky can have the chance to help her 🙂 i hope you and other Chunsas can have the chance too ^^


  2. Thanks for sharing this lovely and memorable experience… I enjoyed reading and imagining what happened. I could feel your excitement and happiness just by reading! 🙂
    I love every bit! thanks also for adding the shooting locations, this post is like a Tourism information too! hahaha! and yeah, you deserved all those encounters, you are such a blessed chunsa coz you are really a beautiful, nice, warm, kind and lovely person angella!
    by the way, Happy Birthday again… *hugs* ❤


  3. Ohhh. This one is really made my day! thanks for sharing the lovely story, how lucky and blessed you are Angela ^^ truly blessed ^^ and how you meet Junho too?!


  4. @shafiyya : thanks too ^^ meeting Juno is really a surprise…who knows he was standing alone in front of Coffee Cojjee 😀 a nice and handsome guy


  5. Dear Angella,

    I wished that this post was out before I went to Seoul in May this year.

    I went to Mickiss twice on separate years but did not met his aunt. You are so lucky!

    I also missed the palace and I stayed at Jongno area!

    I didn’t know about Cafe Alley but I went to three other cafes where he had visited. Bum Story was closed but I didn’t know or remember.

    I also went to a few other Yuchun related sites like Namsan and so on.

    Thank you for the directions given. I have a few more places to visit the next time.


    1. @Pink Sapphire : I just realized now that it is hard to meet his aunt…feeling lucky ^^
      Did you go to Changdeokgung too? Very beautiful palace. Jongno…umm wuah thats near from the palace right? I usually stay in Chungjeongno.
      Actually there are a lot of place that i dont go yet. Maybe for next trip ^^

      Pink Sapphire, how if you share your trip here too?


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