Struck by Chunface

I was not prepared for the drastic changes in my life. I used to be ignorant of the vast world that is K-pop (and or K-dramas). When someone would start a conversation that has anything to do with Korean, I would sigh and walk out from that group. But now, I have no idea what’s going on in western pop culture.

In 2013, I landed on my first job as a data analyst. My colleagues have really crazy Korean obsessions. They would keep talking about particular drama and gush over at the leading actors for hours. After a year of working with them, I finally convinced my self to watch one episode. Eventually, (and to make this part short) I became addicted to watching Kdramas too.

I first encountered (the actor) Park YooChun while watching the drama The Girl Who Sees Smell. Yeah, I know. And I admit, I’m such a kid living under a rock for not knowing who YooChun is. Sigh.

Earlier this year, I remember reading an article about this certain web-toon that is to be made into a drama. Few actors turned down the roles. But after a few months, it had found its actors. I didn’t read who accepted it, as I was more interested with the story.

When I got my hands on the first episode, I only thought of the male lead character as cute, the usual pretty boy in K-dramaland. But I was surprised when he acted a particular scene (The Green Light Comedy Gag) in episode 2.


YES, it all started with the hilarious CHUNFACE.


So I googled this drama and checked his name. Using Asianwiki, I clicked on a Park Yoo Chun but when the page finished reloading, I was a bit puzzled when I was directed to a Micky YooChun page. Aigoo, so ignorant of me! I even had to go to my previous page and carefully checked if I clicked the right link. (TWICE!) Kkkkk

I found out he was the lead roles in Rooftop Prince, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I Miss You. These dramas seemed to be really famous in our country since the titles sound familiar to me, especially the Rooftop Prince. I remember a college friend talked about it in the past.

While waiting for the next episodes of TGWSS, I started watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Ihad no idea that YooChun is an idol and it was his debut drama (excluding the Banjun dramas), until I finished it, and the Rooftop Prince.

He was too adorable as a Crown Prince.


So I started googling about him. I read about JYJ, DBSK, the lawsuit and etc. But the next thing I knew, I can’t stop listening to their music, I was searching for more videos, and searching the other members’ names.

Still unaware of the spell I’m under, I started to watch I Miss You and Three Days. I created a Tumblr account and spend time scrolling down my JYJ-DBSK dominated dashboard. At work I would plug in the earpieces and would kick the volume up, enough to deafen my ears and listen to over 100 JYJ-TVXQ-DBSK songs. And it has been like that for four months.

I instantly fell in love with the lovable dandy boy MICKY YOOCHUN. His childlike sense of wonder, his fun personality and always ready to make others laugh. But despite his silly demeanor, he is also considerate and a warm person.

In addition, I really have a weak spot for a man who could play the piano. Aww.


And those tattoos. Rawrrr. HAHAHA!


I dont know why but I love every thing about him.

His mighty forehead.


The greasy YooChun.


The crybaby Micky.


The troll-chun.


The lazy YooChun.


His lame jokes.


The Chunglish. Even his scars.

images (1)

With the actor Park YooChun. He is not one of those actors that will floor you with his looks, but rather, he reels you as you get to know him more. He is more laid-back now and mature. But in the sea of applause and admiration he remains humble.


Even in the midst of recognition, he is modest and gracious.


Written by: Lei



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7 thoughts on “Struck by Chunface”

  1. I really like the way you write your story ^^ it makes me laugh…really hahahaha especialy chunface part ๐Ÿ˜€
    Welcome to Chunsas World ^^


  2. Thank you!!

    While I was making this ‘article’, I was too excited. But when I’d finished it, I was a bit worried that no one would like it. I meant, I’m not really good with words and my story ain’t that special. (Well, for me it’s special, at least ๐Ÿ™‚ ). But Im glad u like it! Thank you, really.

    I want to meet and get to know more Chunsas!! Please take care of me, unnies. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. @Lei / Mayeleven1990
    Hello there, nice to meet you, thank you for sharing your story here at Pages,
    see? another chunsa was born because of CHUNface! COngratulations and Welcome to CHUNSAworld hahaha!

    you wrote well Lei, don’t worry, I love everything you said here… hope to meet you too!


  4. Struck by Chunface! !..I love this to bits.
    Welcome to the world of Chunsas. Very happy to meet you Lei.
    I cannot recall how many times I am drawn to the Chunfaces and they never fail to cheer me up!


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