Park Yoochun: A Son, A Public Servant


mickey ears copy


mickey ears copy


mickey ears copy


To Yoochunnie: just two more weeks or so and you’ll come out again. I know in the short time that you were in that secluded camp, what you gained in experience will be something you will cherish and appreciate. When you come out and join the ‘common’ people for two years as a public servant, I know you will blend with them and do your best for them like you did with your own staff. Those people’s lives are not much different from your own fans’. Sometimes our lives tend to get monotonous and boring, sometimes the bad stuff get the better of us, but because we have a PARK YOOCHUN in our lives, we forget about the boring stuff, we are able to look at the brighter side of things. And we SMILE in front of our desktops. 😜

We love you. You don’t have to do anything. You just need to receive our love. (That sounds familiar eh.)

Your Chunsa for always,

Jellybean Noona

mickey ears copy

I especially would like to acknowledge the owner(s) of these beautiful photos.




6 thoughts on “Park Yoochun: A Son, A Public Servant”

  1. really amazing for you to write “One thought” but this is just a simple thought . . . Angella is right, those you wrote is not just a simple thought and i may add, something very very deep and precised thought . . . and for sure most chunsas have these thoughts too that you put into words . . . thanks for creating pagesboundfor6002 where we can find chunsas hearts in words 🙂


  2. @Jellybean Unnie.. WOW! another masterpiece!
    you just did your enlistment article in it resulted to this very nice, beautiful piece … thank you for sharing your very honest and detailed thoughts about his enlistment..
    this is so wonderful and amazing… 🙂

    agree with this “chunsas hearts in words” – Exactly! True!
    aptly defined by @graymando6 🙂 thank you!


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