Jangjeong Park, Choong Sung! (Part Two)


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soldier mickey

Jangjeong 장정  – Recruit

Choong Sung 충성 – Military Salute

(Photo cr. to owners/as tagged)



9 thoughts on “Jangjeong Park, Choong Sung! (Part Two)”

  1. chunsas are just like yoochun whose thoughtful and good with words. thank you @Beanie and @Lina for sharing ^^ I can’t deny I can’t sleep for days and feel so empty waiting for aug 27th. but right at D-day, seeing his smile and happy wave, instead of cry I feel relieved. I believe he will do well, so do I. I will keep this faith and witness his return as a better person.

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    1. Haha! Lina, I was actually a bit hesitant about those Mickey’s but I had to put a sort of divider between articles. I’m still trying to learn about these little things. I’m such a turtle haha!

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Yoochun’s enlistment. We sure do have our own way of looking at it and dealing with it. However and whichever way it is, one thing is for sure, we are going to miss him so.

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    1. @Jellybean, Thank you for inviting me to share my thoughts. and Thank you for adding in the photo of Yuchun as the background. Though how much I tried to hold back my tears on 27 August,I failed after reading his letter and looking at that photo of him smiling and waving.
      I was not expecting to read news/photos about Yuchun after his enlistment (not so frequently) as he really is low profile but these photos of him from KATC (all of sources!!) really make my day!

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  2. It was a wonderful read. I’m so busy these days, don’t have much time to fully realise they’re enlisted. With Jae we get so many updates, and got even some news on Chun which I hadn’t expected but fully welcomed, so I was a tad emotional, but more or less okay. However, after reading this, I feel like having a SKKS marathon 😀

    I wish them the best and I will be waiting for these amazing men to come back to us. #WaitingForJYJ

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