Discovery Journey with Park Yoochun

For many years I simply could not understand why my cousins and their teenage daughter were so crazy about watching K-dramas. They will visit Korea and even take pictures next to full size banners/standees of their favorite actor/actress.. I even laughed at them.

KARMA!… Lesson number 1.. Do not laugh at others.. what goes around comes around.

This is my story of how very quickly I learnt this lesson.


Is this fate?

I first watched(?) Rooftop Prince in 2012. I had a surgery and was house bound. My husband bought 2 K-dramas me to “kill time” at home. One was the Ojakgyo family and the other was Rooftop prince.

When I started watching Rooftop prince, I did not enjoy it.. I blamed it on the fact that the quality of the DVD was not good and it was continuously disrupted. I stopped and kept the DVD sitting in my cupboard for another year.

Sometime in Dec 2013, I was on a long vacation. I kept staring at Rooftop prince DVD and told myself.. OK…let’s try again and I went to the stores to purchase a 2nd set of better quality.

Part 1: Yoochun the actor

That BEGAN my amazing discovery Journey with a certain prince who captured my attention BIG time. I do not how to describe the feeling.

Yoochun was not the best looking person in rooftop prince (at least not to me!) BUT there is something about him that catches your attention. I was attracted to his acting and actually his eyes!. He was able to portray the character so well and I could actually feel for Lee Gak.


Who is this person??

I was curious and started to look for his other projects.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal was the next Drama which I watched and I was completely blown away thereafter. Now I find him ATTRACTIVE, GOOD LOOKING and his eyes speak volumes. I was completely sold and obviously till today.



I have watched all his projects and he improves by leaps and bound each time. I kick myself for not discovering him earlier!.. To be exact, HE was in my cupboard!

He is inspirational

a)Love and relationship

The more I read about his life and his struggles, the more I respect him and yearn to be strong as him. His love for his family and tight relationship with his members (JYJ) has been very inspirational for me. There are many instances which I take things for granted and always believe that there is time to show love to family and friends. That is not true at all. In a blink of an eye, families can be taken away from you and friendship can just die if one does not make an effort to do more.


b)He walks the talk

Yoochun does what he says he would do.. In short, JUST DO IT!

He does not care how others react or look at him. I love the way he comments on why he wears slippers all the time. Being comfortable is more important than thinking of what others may say to you. Being true to yourself is important

c)He is sincere and thoughtful and believes in himself

I have read his interviews over the last 9 months and it is becoming increasingly clear that he has matured a lot (compare to his first years of debut). He is very strong in his believe and I cannot imagine how much he has gone through to shape his character now.


What have I learnt?

3 very important lessons:

  • Always believe in yourself and keep the faith
  • Always cherish your loved ones
  • Do not waver once you have made your decision. Do what you say you are going to do

I may have only known him for a short period of time but it has been amazing. He is an unpolished diamond/gem. The more mature he gets, the more you will discover how wonderful this person is.

Part 2: The day when I finally met Yoochun the singer

An Empty space for you (OST from Miss Ripley) was the first song which I heard Yoochun sing. He has a very deep voice and if you close your eyes, you can feel the softness of his voice caressing you. It is very soothing.

You will never forget his voice. It sticks in your mind. I feel relaxed when I listen to his songs. Someone once said that his voice is like honey that slides down your throat. I could not agree more. He is so multi-talented. I sincerely hope that he will release his solo album one day. It will be a shame to not let others hear his voice.

I thank Yoochun for introducing me to JYJ. Needless to say, now my entire mobile phone is filled with their music and songs.

I finally had the opportunity to attend their concert!.. I am very very lucky to be able to purchase the tickets for the concert in Seoul.

Yoochun On stage

Forget the actor Yoochun. He is like a different person!.

He exudes charm, passion and sexiness on stage. I was mesmerized. He connects with the audience by just his voice and when he looks at you, you will not be able to look away. It is as though he sings to you and you alone. If you ask me what is his biggest asset, I would vote for his eyes. He speaks to you through his eyes

You may think that I was sitting very near the stage but I was not. Sitting in Jamsil stadium and listening to him live is one extraordinary experience which I will never forget. He need not dress sexily on stage. He has loads of charm and very flirtatious if he wants to. For those who think he is chubby, you are wrong. He is just right.


JYJ= Just US

When JYJ performs their voices are so well harmonized. I now fully understand the power of ONE and their new album is aptly named JUST US. They are indeed the kings. I pray for their success and many years of friendship and togetherness.


My thoughts

I started writing by saying that this is a discovery journey with Yoochun. I have been very blessed to have this opportunity and the journey does not end here. Since knowing him, I have found myself praying for him every day for his health and happiness and I wish him every success.

Last but not least, I ask myself these questions:

  1. Am I a Chunsa?

            DEFINITELY a YES!.

Being a Chunsa is not easy. It can be a roller coaster ride. You need to be very very   patient as our Yoochun is a very private person and shy away from limelight. He can hibernate for days in his “cave” but when he does appear, it is very rewarding!. You also need to differentiate between truth and rumors when you read/hear news that are not pleasant.

  1. Are there any “benefits” of becoming a Chunsa?

For me, it is not a benefit but a truly precious gift that I had received. The most heartwarming thing is to be able to share my love for Yoochun with other Chunsas and to those around me. I want to continue to tell others how Yoochun has touched the hearts of so many around the world.

  1. How did I change after becoming a Chunsa?..

You may laugh at this but it has brought me closer to GOD. Yoochun has definitely changed the way I see life and I am truly grateful to see this change in myself. I am also curious of the path which I will walk in the next few years.

  1. Will I continue to be a Chunsa?

Absolutely!.. I am looking forward to see Sunflowers at its full bloom in summer 2017.

Written by: Beanie



Revised Original Posted by ParkYoochunSGFC

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11 thoughts on “Discovery Journey with Park Yoochun”

  1. ” You may laugh at this but it has brought me closer to GOD.”

    @Beanie , that has to be the most soul searching statement I have heard from a chunsa. I am glad for you. Btw, how is it you come from 2 countries? 🙂 Just curious.


  2. This was an interesting format for a story, it felt like an essay! You must be a pretty organised person. 🙂

    I wouldn’t judge you for the answer to your 3rd question. I have experienced similar thoughts. This feeling of “if he made it through all these hardships, I can make it too”. He makes you think like a better person and serves as a good example. I don’t know if our Chunnie is religious nowadays or not. He used to sing in church choir so he attended church as a youngster. But regardless, he radiates Faith. You can do anything if you believe in yourself. His “Always keep the faith” motto, so mistakenly used in DB5K fandom, is exactly that. Don’t lose your faith no matter what. And he showed us in the best way after he lost his father. He kept his head high and remained professional. How to not get inspired by such a person and share his values. He indeed makes you want to be a better person.


  3. @cherryinvain
    You are correct. I am quite an organized person. However I did not realize that i wrote the story almost like an essay. When Jellybean asked me to share my story, she did mention that she recognize me by my writing style in Chunsa Magz. Haha.. my friends do say that i am pretty easy to read!.. I totally agree with what you said “if he made it through all these hardships, I can make it too”
    I am not a religious person but definitely have become stronger in my faith

    @YCLove.. I am trying to think really hard how to answer why i have 2 flags under my name!.. I am an organized but at times schizophrenic…can’t decide on my nationality..Hahahaha
    Truth is ..Born a Malaysian but lived half my life in Singapore.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi @Beanie, so nice to see you here…
    I have read your story before and I just love reading your story again here… thank you..
    your chunsa story is inspiring too… you said it all… Yuchun can change us to become a better person…

    Beanie :
    3 very important lessons:

    Always believe in yourself and keep the faith
    Always cherish your loved ones
    Do not waver once you have made your decision. Do what you say you are going to do

    thank you for enumerating this very important life lessons…. I think every chunsa agrees and learned this too when we became chunsas…

    I’m admire you for writing this in a unique way… it’s easy to read…
    daebak! 🙂


    1. Thank you @alyne6002 for kind words
      I enjoyed writing it. I find it simply amazing how Yuchun can inspire so many people.
      As what I have written, he is a precious gift which I have received and would like to share this gift to everyone around me.


  5. Thank you for sharing your story and lessons learnt, Beanie.

    If Yuchun were to read our stories here, he would be amazed at how he had positively impacted the lives of so many people.


    1. Thank you @pink sapphire.
      When I read all the stories from Chunsas, I am actually stunned by how Yuchun has captured our hearts in his own way. Our road/path to find him may be fated, or by chance but I am very certain that once every Chunsa experienced the “moment” with him there is no turning back.
      “Life is like a box of chocolates. .you never know what you are going to get”- Forrest Gump.
      But once you have experienced the love and joy you cherish every moment of it and it will be etched in your memory forever.
      Like many Chunsas I really wish that one day Yuchun will be able to read all these stories and poems.


  6. @Beanie….

    As always I love read ur story/thoughts n it’s really2 a revised version coz it’s different. hehehe….n U made it really fast….& it in essay’s style. Cool….

    I knew I miss something when I wrote ChunNi as Himself & now U complete it. These 3 important lessons:

    Always believe in yourself and keep the faith
    Always cherish your loved ones
    Do not waver once you have made your decision. Do what you say you are going to do

    Thank You.

    n also Thanks to YU ChunNi.

    PS: Sorry, I forgot that JB always put our nationality flag in every story n didn’t tell her to ask U which one U wanna use. hehe…


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