More Than Just An Idol

29 August 2015…I start writing my story about me and Yuchun…

It’s two days after his enlistment. I would be lying if I say I didn’t miss him. I think all Chunsas feel the same way as I do.

Okay, so let me start my story… this can be very long or very short. I don’t know if I’ll be able to put into words all the things that I am feeling. But I’m thinking it should be simple and not too detailed so you won’t get bored. 😀

I don’t really remember the exact day but maybe it was around November 2012, I searched for Korean dramas on Youtube and I found “I Miss You.” I started to watch it because I was interested in the story line and I liked the female lead. Of course I didn’t know Yuchun at that time. My impression the first time I saw him was “Who is this man? His face looks like someone who’s played a drama in the past but he is not so handsome.” I really didn’t think Yuchun was handsome that time. 😀 I finished the drama and forgot about him.

Early in 2013, Sungkyunkwan Scandal was played on KBS World. I watched it, again not because of Yuchun, but because of the story line. When I saw Yuchun in SKKS, I was thinking “Ummm… I think this was the male lead in I Miss You”. I liked his character as Lee Seon Joon, cool but a little bit stupid in love hehehe. No, not stupid, but pure haha! I watched it twice! And that was the start for me. I searched for information about him thru Wikipedia and learned about JYJ and his old group TVXQ. Truth is, I’m not a person who is updated on K-pop, I almost don’t know anything about K-pop. So naturally I didn’t know about those two groups. JYJ was basically my first idol group.

That was the beginning of my craziness for Yuchun. I concentrated more on his current group JYJ and looked for their videos on Youtube. The very first video I saw of him singing was his duet with Jaejoong, singing Been So Long. Honestly, it was Jaejoong’s voice I got attracted to at first. I don’t know when Yuchun’s voice started melting my heart. I won’t deny I also love Junsu’s voice very much, but listening to Yuchun’s voice, I can feel a totally different sensation. His voice is of a different color from JJ’s and Junsu’s. Each of us have different unforgettable “moments” with his voice. Mine was when he sang 너에게…기대 (Leaning On You) during his Housewarming Party.  He put all his heart and emotion in singing it that I almost cried when I heard it. I could not explain how he touched my heart.  Are we really emotional to begin with? Or did we become emotional after knowing Yuchun? I don’t know. All I know is, I feel like he is singing to me alone when he sings.

2014 was the craziest year for me. It started in January when I flew to Bali to see Junsu but in the end I didn’t see him. Then I had a chance to go back for a business trip. I went to the place where Yuchun did his Elle photo shoot. The Villa was really beautiful. In June, I went for my first Korea trip to attend his Housewarming Party. I really wanted to see Yuchun before his enlistment. As I was still single (still am) and I had no boyfriend, I was free to go. Who knows what will happen after two years, after he finishes his Military duties? I may already be married by then and my husband may not allow me to go. And then I will regret it for the rest of my life. Without knowing anything I decided to go. I didn’t know how to get tickets, what flight to take, the transport when I reached Seoul, etc. A friend of mine asked me to twit a message on Twitter to ask for fans who were going. It was like a miracle that someone replied and unbelievable she is from the same country as mine! These two girls helped me, one to get the FM ticket, and the other one accompanied me to the FM itself. Chunsas are amazing! After that I wanted to see them perform live, so in August, I went again to Korea to see JYJ’s concert.  Everything was just so crazy and unbelievable and unforgettable. Those were the sweetest memories I have of Yuchun and JYJ.

Yuchun and JYJ are not only idols for me. Yuchun, Junsu and Jaejoong have given me so much to be happy about. By loving them, I met so many friends and some have become my closest friends until now.  I’m really thankful. Their personality, their life and their spirit have had undeniable impact on me. And the JYJ fans and Chunsas, I’m always amazed at them, at how they love and protect their idols. I can’t believe I belong to this world.

What does Yuchun mean to me? It cannot be described in words. He is an idol, someone I will never really meet personally, but I feel like he is also a brother, a friend, a baby, and someone who has somehow filled my life for the last two and a half years. The more I know about him as a person, the more I love him. I admire how humble he is, how he says what he wants to say, and does what he wants to do, wear what he wants to wear, even if fans say he looks like an ajhussi. I don’t love him as an idol now, but more as a “friend.” He is someone who makes me cry, someone who makes me happy, someone who’s always beside me even though there’s the vast Pacific Ocean between us. I go on trips because of him. People say I’m crazy for spending so much going on those trips, but I don’t care. I love being crazy about Yuchun.

If someone asks me why do I like Yuchun, I cannot explain it kkkk. I love him not because of certain specific reasons. I just naturally love him. I’m like someone who has fallen in love, I don’t know when or why or how. I just have. I love the crazy Yuchun, his thousand faces and expressions. I love him cute, I love him sexy, sometimes he is like a little boy, sometimes he’s the hottest man, sometimes he is the ajhussi! He is still very handsome even in ajhussi hairstyle or clothes. I just think of it as seeing what Yuchun will look like when he really becomes an ajhussi haha! I love all those little things and every little thing about him.

31 (2)

And now that he has gone to do his duty as a Korean man, I will be here waiting for him when he comes back. Two years is such a long time for us to wait, right? But rest as an idol and become an ordinary man, isn’t that what he dreams about? Wouldn’t he be pleased if we accepted and appreciated his wish? Can we not let him enjoy his own private time as a citizen of his country for this two years?

To Yuchunie, please take care of yourself. Be healthy and be happy. I’m so proud of you and I’m really thankful for knowing you. Let’s meet again after you finish your Military Service.

33 (2)


P.S. I’d like to acknowledge Jellybean’s help in editing and sorting my thoughts. She said she was going to interview me and she did and everything just came out and it became like this. Thank you Jellybean.

Written by: Angella

(Picture cr. to ladyM and VIRGINIABOY)




27 thoughts on “More Than Just An Idol”

    1. Hi pink sapphire, thanks for reading my story ^^ we all feel it right? More than an idol. The more you know him the more you love him. Do you have your story in this pages?


  1. Huh? Are you telling me this beautifully, written article is the result of an interview ? Well done, @Angella and Jellybean.

    It’s such a brilliant piece of work, I think Jellybean should just interview all of us for the next 2 years and write a book, in time for Yu Chun’s discharge from the military.

    Yu Chun ah, what a lucky man you are , to have such a dedicated chunsa in Jellybean. You must have saved Jellybean’s nation in your past life. 🙂


    1. @YC Love: this girl had so much to tell, she gave me the soul, bones and flesh. I just put them together and added the skin haha. And this won’t be the last collaboration we’ll have, right @Angella? 😀


      1. @YC Love : Jellybean help me a lot xixixi so this is a really good collaboration right? 😀
        @YC Love , @Jellybean : there will be part two, please wait for it ^^


      2. @Jellybean, You added the skin ? Ha ha ! Authors just flesh out the bones. You give value-added service.

        @Angella, good, I am waiting for your Part 2 collaboration with Jellybean.And please don’t let it stop at only 2 articles.


  2. “Who is this man? ….. he is not so handsome.”
    “it was Jaejoong’s voice I got attracted to at first. I don’t know when Yuchun’s voice started melting my heart. I won’t deny I also love Junsu’s voice very much, but listening to Yuchun’s voice, I can feel a totally different sensation.”
    “People say I’m crazy for spending so much going on those trips, but I don’t care.”

    @ Angella, ha ha ! How many times have I seen these remarks above? These are sure signs of a Chun-disease. We had to fall for him no matter how much we were not attracted at all in the first place. That man has a weapon that zaps unsuspecting ladies. Even noonas and ajummas are not spared.


    1. @YC Love : Chun-disease hehehe you cannot go anywhere after Chun-disease shoot you. One day we may forget him but our heart will always comeback to him. Always and always. I even cant count how many times i fall and fall in love again to him.


    1. @annayooch : yes…for me too when i feel like i want to give up, i remember him. He never give up and always work hard, taht give me strenght.


    2. @annayooch,have you submitted your story yet? I would love to read how Yu Chun inspired you to overvcome hardship. I believe it will be touching . If you have difficulty writing it, let Jellbean know and get her to interview you. Ha ha !


    3. @annayooch: I’m just an email or a chat away. I’d love to post your story here at Pages. We would really love to know how you came to be here for Yoochun. Oh hey we have a title for your story already! “Here For Yoochun” 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks to JB for interviewing you and allowing us to read another beautiful story! So it was good old SKK scandal for you too, huh? 😉

    JYJ was my first kpop group too, then DB5K. Jaejoong’s voice gives me chills and Junsu is like an alien who has no boundaries, he can literally do anything. But Yoochun has this deep, mellow voice that reaches you and makes your ears happy, even if he doesn’t compare to them technically. He’s a singer for the soul.

    ” I’m like someone who has fallen in love, I don’t know when or why or how. I just have. ”

    Like I use to say, I didn’t pick him as my bias, he picked me!!


    1. @cherryinvain : Hi!! Thanks for reading my story ^^. Which is your story here?
      Hahaha LSJ who leads me to Yuchun, but HJW who i love the most. I cry everytime i watch I Miss You 😀


  4. @Angella,
    thank you for sharing your chunsa story here… I love this really…
    the title itself says it all “More than just an Idol”
    Yuchun changed my thoughts about Idols too…

    anyways, I agree with everything you said but I totally relate to this ahahaha!
    “He is still very handsome even in ajhussi hairstyle or clothes.” – Angella
    hahaha! aigoo toinks! I just love the ahjussi Yuchun LOL…
    ok nevermind…

    glad to know Jellybean helped you sort your thoughts… this is very well written…
    Nice, nice, nice… 🙂


    1. @alyne6002 : Alyneeeee nice to meet you ^^
      I think Jellybean really become a ghost writer now hahahahhaa.
      @YC Love : she is not soon be a ghost writer, but she is already a ghost writer now kkkk


  5. @Angella…..Thanks for sharing your story n ur fated to be a Chunsa. ^^

    ” I love being crazy about Yuchun”
    “If someone asks me why do I like Yuchun, I cannot explain it kkkk”

    Okie…Hi 5 then….hahaha……

    @Jellybean…..There are a lot of Chunsa that saying I’m not good in writing (hhmmm….including me. ^^) I think U can help them. Share thoughts by chat n writing a story is a different thing. So, maybe U can announce something like ” If U can’t put your thoughts/story into words, I’ll help U by interviewing U”


    1. @roweina : thanks for reading my story ^^ and thanks to @Jellybean, from her pages i meet many Chunsas 😀

      I agree with roweina, because im a person who hard to express my feeling by writing story too…the big problem is language barrier as my english is not good. But Jellybean can make something that i never thought to write it come out, her interview help me a lot and she made this story become beautiful. Thanks to you.


  6. @Angella
    @YC Love
    thnak you all… sorry i ‘m late replying.
    yeach i hv a plan to write my story and share in here .. maybe soon … eventhough i’m not good writer .. just because of YU .. i will try it .. if mystory ab YU ready.. i will send to you jellybean.
    i hope we will always be chunsa forever .. always love him ..alway support him no matter what … love you all

    Liked by 1 person

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