Waiting For 6002

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela

Today I received an email from a Chunsa sharing a link to a blog. We’ve talked about this for several weeks now that she was doing a project, which she will post on The 30th of August. And it’s finally here. When I clicked the link she sent me and read from start to finish, the quote above came to mind.

Love is amazing. A person can do things he/she has never done or find impossible to do for the love of someone. And when it’s done, you just shake your head and smile, “It wasn’t so impossible after all.” That’s also how I feel about Pages Bound By 6002. This time last year, creating a blog has already crossed my mind. I say, “crossed,” because the idea didn’t stay, maybe for about three minutes only, if at all. Now where did I hear that? “Only for about three minutes.” Haha. I was telling myself, “How can you even think of creating a blog when you don’t know anything about blogging, you’re an idiot at graphics and your work is sapping all your energy and depleting your collagen faster than supplements and facials could remedy?” In short, I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE. But when one has an impetus to do something, when one is doing it for the sake of love, nothing is really impossible. This man, Park Yoochun, is someone you could NOT say no to. Well, he didn’t ask of course, I just imagined it in my head haha! And I answered him, “Okay babe, I’ll do it for you!” 😜

And just how I wasn’t able to say NO to Park Yoochun, so did this Chunsa, who never had the nerve nor the conscience to say NO to him.

So I’d like to share with you a place where you could read everything she feels about Yoochun, happy and funny thoughts about the man we are all waiting and praying for right now, a man that we are all terribly missing already even after only three days of his entering that secluded camp. This is her way of easing the longing she feels for her ChunNi.

To all the Angels swarming in The Pristine Blue Sky #waitingfor6002, let’s glide over and relax, and have some fun reading

Chunsa Mag’z @ JYJ CAFFEINE by Roweina

Chunsa Magz cover

To Roweina, my hat’s off to you…


(Picture cr. to CJes)



3 thoughts on “Waiting For 6002”

  1. Hahahaha, I love how you self-sarcasm.

    “This man, Park Yoochun, is someone you could NOT say no to.”

    One day he decides to get into your heart and stay locked in there forever, throwing away the key so you can’t find it and unlock him out of it.


  2. Dear Ro
    I waited for today to congratulate you on the success of completing Chunsa Magz.
    Today is the 6th day after this is published on pages and on page 30!
    I really love your story but most important i adnire your determination to complete this project and your steadfast love for ChunNi.
    I hope one day he will be able read all Chunsas stories.
    Congrats again!


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