The Bias Wrecker

I was not into KPop and Korean dramas before. I did watch some Korean dramas because some of my friends introduced me to it. But I never remembered the actors after watching the drama. Maybe a few like Hyun Bin (my elder sister’s favorite), Lee Min Ho (because he was/is popular in our country) and Kim Hyun Joong (who was to be the reason I found Jaejoong). I just knew their names but the rest I couldn’t remember. My curiosity on why a lot of people went crazy over KPop led me to Kim Hyun Joong and eventually to Jaejoong. I sort of liked a few idols but never really loved them to the point of knowing their stories. But it was different with JJ.

My story about YuChun begins here… I have to warn everyone, please don’t hate me..

As I said, it was JJ I knew first. And liked first. You may ask why. Or maybe not. I mean, who would question why one likes JJ, right? He is beautiful and he’s got a beautiful voice. And those big eyes, I wasn’t able to resist them. He caught my attention in his film Heaven’s Postman. Although his acting back then was not as good as his acting today. I searched articles about him and found out about JYJ. Learning bits by bits about them I started liking Junsu, the ultimate idol. And besides he was just so freaking adorable! Ugh. And he’s into soccer. Well… I like people who love sports. I didn’t know then that Yuchun loved basketball. Stupid me.

Yeorobun, you know what this means right? Jaejoong was my first bias, then it became Junsu. That means YuChun was last.


Yes ladies…… you can shoot me now for liking YuChun last. This was the reason why I didn’t want to share my story before, because everyone will know I liked YuChun last. What kind of a Chunsa am I for liking him last?? Will the “save the best for last” make up for my mistake??

YuChun was not appealing at first and maybe it was the sole reason why I noticed him last. But as I watched their videos and listened to their songs, the more I found his voice very addicting, like I was waiting for him to sing his part every time. The Beginning Album made me crazy over his sexy voice, singing in English. It was the start of my new found love. I searched videos of him singing solo, then found out that he can play the piano. That I fell madly in love with and forgot about JJ and JS haha! I mean forgot them as in not so into them like how I used to, even though their voices are great and they can play the piano too. Sorry JJ and JS. 😜 It was actually YuChun’s voice that lead me to him. The more I looked/watched/heard him singing, the more I fell…


I did my research about him like there was no tomorrow. Knowing his past and his story I started sinking deep, that I knew if I continued I could never turn back. There are things I still don’t know about him and I’m still learning to this day. I found out that he was the lead actor in SKKS so I watched it. As I said before, I didn’t find him good looking at first and even thought that he better stick in being a singer. But after watching the drama (I even watched it again after) there I was doomed. I started watching Miss Ripley which i haven’t finished yet, (sorry YuChun…. I’ll try to finish it while you’re in the army, I promise) but searched for the part where he was speaking in English. I was out of control. After seeing him in RTP, I was completely ruined. In Missing You, I lost it all. With 3 Days and TGWSS you know where I stand now. Each of his dramas and videos I watch again and again when I have free time, while on the bus going to work,  or whenever I need a dose or two of my Chuntamins; a sign of no turning back.


His first film….. Haemoo…. gosh… I’ve really gone crazy. Just to watch that movie when it was shown in our country, I had to file a leave of absence, travel for 8 hours to go to the venue, watch it with fellow Chunsas, travel back for 8 hours again and go to work after 2 hours of sleep! Damn… I never thought I’d do that but it was worth it.. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.13.44 AM

Because I really wanted to experience hearing him sing live, see him in person even from afar, I, with my Chunsa friends, flew to HK just to watch a JYJ concert. Gosh.. who would’ve thought that a 30 year old lady would do that. I did…. I’ve done it… only for him… only for YuChun..


Well… in short, it’s because of his voice and his past that made me fall in love but I loved him even more after watching his dramas.

Please…. spare me…. it’s been haunting me since and I’m doing my best to fill those days, hours, minutes and seconds of me not being by his side and looking only at JJ and then at JS and putting him last.

He isn’t called the Bias Wrecker for nothing, is he? He totally wrecked two huge biases!

This is the story of my third and my last, of my present and my future…

With much love..

Written by: Abbie.gaile


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4 thoughts on “The Bias Wrecker”

  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! @Abbie.gaile ! Where have you been?? We miss your poems on Yu Chun. Come back ! Come back!

    I love how you saved “the best for last”. And your last will be lasting !


  2. Hi Abbie, it’s okay. I am sure many chunsas also have also watched and liked other actors or singers before they become a chunsa. Like what Yclove wrote, the last that last!


  3. Abbie.gaile your story is one of the most amusing ones I’ve read, lol. It’s never too late to see the light, right? We all applaud you for that, doesn’t matter if it took you a while. 😉


  4. @Abbie
    “I miss you”… aahh your favorite Yuchun drama – no I’m saying that I miss you girl really…
    thanks for sharing your unique chunsa story here… hahaha! Jellybean nags you too right? LOL
    anyways… the good thing is that you became a Chunsa, even if you liked the other J & J first, you ended up with Y 🙂 but really JYJ are all great biases.. so I think It’s just alright… anybody will love JYJ no matter what, they are really great guys…

    so I hope you’ll feel better, you already did everything a chunsa must do… hahaha!


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