Blinded As I Wait On Yu


There is nothing I can see
Though it’s right in front of me
Blinded with love for you
I can see nothing but Yu.

No matter what I watch to make time pass
It’s not alright . . . it just won’t last
I see your face and make me wish
It must be Yu, I won’t relinquish.

I have become a blind for Yu
Truly blinded who knows only Yu
With all this heart that love
It’s Yu . . . only Yu the one I love.

When I see Yu, my heart beats brightly as the morning sun,
Now for a while you’re meant to be gone
Tears cannot stop . . . my ear hears
The counting of days, weeks till 4 months and two long years.

What to do . . . what to do
That I do not know
Wait for Yu . . . yes
Only this I know.

With this heart that loves only Yu
Loving you . . . I’ll make it through
My love unchanging . . . blinded till the end
Will wait,
Living life just as you wanted.

As grandma of four, I pray
I still can bear
Up to that day . . .
Our waiting will all be over
and be happy with Yu forever.

by:  Grandma of Four




4 thoughts on “Blinded As I Wait On Yu”

  1. Grandma of Four, you did it again, this was beautiful!

    What to do, what to do…We can only wait and give each other strength. Also focus on our lives and be better people, because that’s what he wants us to do. Follow his example and work hard.

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  2. Very nice poem Grandma of Four. I feel you. That’s right @cherryinvain. While waiting, “let’s be better people and work hard”. Yoochun would be proud of our successes more than we are of him.

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