“EMPTY” – A JYJ Song or My Feelings?

Why is it whenever I see Yu Chun leaving a country after performing, I feel tears welling in my eyes even when I don’t live in those countries? It is as though a part of me is missing when I see him gone. The airport pictures of him heading straight to the Immigration counter dampen my spirit; leaving me empty and hoping he will perform again in another country.

Then the whole painful process starts all over again when I see him leaving the new country he has just performed in.

airprt yuchun

Why did such depressive feelings persist even when I had yet to see him in any “live” concert or fan meeting until my first JYJ concert in Jamsil Stadium (Seoul) in August 2014? In that concert, that same empty feeling started the moment Yu Chun left the stage after JYJ’s last song.

Those sad feelings intensified when he left Yokohama after his last fan meeting in July 2015 before his enlistment in August. It would be 2 years before we can see him again. Would it be a difficult 2 years for us as we wait for him? Is he worth waiting for?

When I read his poetic farewell at the last fan meeting, I teared all over again. How can we not wait for someone who tells us it’s selfish of him to make us wait? A man willing to let his love go. But will we leave? I think not, as fans stood in the Yokohama airport and captured the trailing lights of the plane carrying him into the distant 2 years. We will stand silently by his side even when he doesn’t know.



Today is already the last.

I feel sad about it.

It would be great if everyone could wait for me.

But it’s also okay if you won’t wait for me.

After two years, it would be nice if we could meet again.

Probably, the feeling won’t be the same as today,

but even if you forget about it, I’m still okay with it.

Just keep this moment today in your heart.



Written by:  YC Love


GIFs from 703Park and ppeha !’s video

(Photo cr. to owners)



8 thoughts on ““EMPTY” – A JYJ Song or My Feelings?”

  1. There’s really an “EMPTY” feeling in every chunsa even in just a single moment no news heard about him what more in the next two years and four months 😦 Thanks for sharing . . . stories like this will see us through til his return.


  2. @Jellybean, you’re really brilliant in capturing the essence of any article by your choice of pics and GIFs. Thank you for your efforts.

    @cherryinvain, we are already friends here. 🙂
    The beautiful part is Yu Chun’s farewell letter to his fans. We see idols and actors asking their fans not to forget them while they are away in the army. But not Yu Chun . Frankly, entertainers’ bread and butter come from fans. How popular the stars are. Not their agencies or projects. And Yu Chun knows that too. So what he says , breaks my heart. It takes fans of certain emotional strength and maturity to emphatise with an idol like him. And that’s what make us chunsas.

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    1. You said it perfectly. That’s what makes us Chunsas. Because apart from him being extremely talented, he’s a beautiful human being as well.


    2. You’re welcome @Yc Love, but it’s you and the other Chunsas here I have to thank for sharing your thoughts and feelings about Yoochun. What I do is just an effort of love really. I don’t know how many times I’ve already seen that video but I cried all over again while making the GIF. I don’t know if there will ever come a time when it wouldn’t have such an effect on me. Yoochun crying is something I will never be not affected by.

      “It takes fans of certain emotional strength and maturity to emphatise with an idol like him. And that’s what make us chunsas.” – I think I should add this to our definition of Chunsa. 😊


  3. @Jellybean, nobody, nobody but you – no, that’s not the popular refrain of that famous song by Wonder Girls. That’s my declaration that nobody, nobody but you have defined “chunsa” so aptly in your blog. Bravo!


  4. Yclove, it’s both! Haha! But seriously, we need to learn how to cope with this emptiness. Just like what Smile had said, we could just assume that he has gone into his “cave” again. I just hope that he is coping well in the training centre. Even as I worry over his well – being, I believe that he will do well.


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