I Survived Hong Kong Because Of Yu

I’m going down memory lane, blubber some mushy nonsense and some things to laugh about, at least I think they’re funny haha. Please bear with me; it’s my first anniversary of seeing Yoochun in the flesh.

Last year, I saw him a week before my birthday. This year I’m going to say goodbye to him two days after my birthday. Isn’t it ironic? Saying ‘hello and goodbye’ to someone so dear to my heart in the same month, and my birth month to boot!

I remember going to the airport with only a couple of hours sleep the night before, not really thinking much about anything except I might exceed the weight limit on my carry-on luggage. I think my mind must have gone numb by that time, what with all the excitement and apprehension and all that. I had all my papers ready, knowing how strict our immigration officials were at the airport. I even printed a copy of the scanned concert tickets because I didn’t have the actual tickets with me; a friend of a Chunsa friend I was going to Hong Kong with picked it up for us at Asia World Expo. I know immigration officials sometimes ask you all sorts of questions, so I don’t know what came over me when he asked me what I was going to Hong Kong for. I was so surprised that for a moment my mind was blank. In a heartbeat I was like, “Oh my gosh, what was I going to Hong Kong for again?” I’ve never experienced sleepwalking, but I’m thinking now that must be how it feels. Suddenly waking up to find out you don’t know where you were and why you were there. Then I snapped out of my ‘waking-up moment’ and looked back at my Chunsa friend who was next in line behind me and then smiled at the official and answered him, “I’m going to see JYJ’s concert.” And then I pointed out at my friend and told the official, “She’s with me.” And the guy official asked the lady official beside him, “Who is JYJ?” I answered for her haha, I told them JYJ is a Korean boy band. And then the guy said, “Oh a Korean band! She’s a fan of a Korean band too,” referring to his colleague. So a little chitchat ensued. That was kind of unbelievable, talking about boy bands with your immigration officials. Haha!

From Hong Kong International Airport on Aug. 15th to Hong Kong International Airport on Aug. 18th was pure, unadulterated out-of-this-world experience for me. We waited for almost five hours at the airport just to get a glimpse of Yoochun and JYJ! I hadn’t had breakfast yet but I didn’t feel any hunger. And then we didn’t have lunch because you know, how silly would we feel if they suddenly arrive and we were doing such mundane thing as having lunch? Duh. So yeah, we ran back and forth, we stood waiting at the exits, we split ourselves into two groups, one group keeping watch on each exit. I practically suspected every guy who held a “two-way radio” (Gosh, I’m so ancient I don’t know what it’s called now haha!) to be a bodyguard or an advance party of JYJ. I saw this guy who acted so suspicious talking on his phone (in Korean!) while waiting at the exit, just talking and acting like he was watching out for something. And I was like, “Oh gosh what if he’s talking to the other bodyguards and telling them you can come out now, there’s not a lot of screaming fans here.” He was there for so long, when suddenly the person he was talking to came out of the exit and IT WAS NOT JYJ! Ugh, I felt like an idiot. Then several sexy Korean ladies came out and somebody said “They’re the backup dancers!” We were so excited we planted ourselves right there and stood and waited for I don’t know how long. But  it was actually unbelievable that there were not a lot of fans there. There were some Japanese fans, but there was only a few of them. We were thinking how can that be, is that even possible? We found out belatedly that the fans were OUTSIDE and JYJ had exited through VIP and we were there left forlorn, disgruntled, weepy, HUNGRY. Someone in the group said, “Let’s go to the hotel now, we will see JYJ tomorrow. I wanted to add “AND LET’S EAT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” Hahaha! Heavens, I was so hungry!

So, to the hotel, we went. We got on the train, got off the train, AND WE WALKED. And walked. We got lost. And walked. I kept looking at the bag I was pulling, saying “I’m so sorry bag for pulling you around Hong Kong like this, but I’m doing this for Yoochun, so bear with it.” I’m not used to walking long distances, but I’m used to wearing wedges (moderate to ridiculously high wedges). But wedges and long distances don’t go together, do they? “I’m so sorry feet, but I’m doing this for Yoochun. I’ll make it up to you when we go back home, I’ll treat you to a foot spa.” Haha! I think the tiredness and hunger were seeping through my brain and was affecting the neurons and such.

The following day, the BIG Day, we walked along Avenue of Stars to meet some JYJ fans before going to Asia World Expo. Going to Avenue of Stars I tripped twice, and almost tipped over, maybe because of tiredness or maybe because of the wedges, or both. If it weren’t for an old lady catching me I would have dove headlong into the pavement and broke my nose haha. That would have taken no. 2 spot as highlight of my first JYJ Concert. No. 1 – I saw Park Yoochun in the flesh; No. 2 – I broke my nose. Ouch! Haha!

At the Asia World Expo, we walked, but mostly we ran. I think every fan; every Chunsa who has ever been to a JYJ Concert knows this. You want to get every little thing that has JYJ/Yuchun written on it or has a picture of them on it. And those things are not placed together in one section of the venue! So you have to run around the place to get everything you want before the concert starts. I didn’t mind, but I think my feet did ahaha.  They were so looking forward to the foot spa I promised.


I’ve already talked about my feelings here during the concert, the moment when I saw Yoochun come out on the stage. First times would always be special. I don’t know how I would feel seeing him on the next concert or fan meet, if I’ll have another chance to see him again. But that first time will be carved in my heart until the day I am no more.

After the concert, I felt like I was in a trance. I felt like a deflated balloon. I felt so empty and lonely. I was with a group but I felt so alone. I can’t explain it well. We had a late dinner, and I ate just for the sake of eating. I heard the girls talking about the concert, but I felt so detached. I’m normally just a quiet mouse, but the after-concert me was so different, in my mind at least. I don’t know what happened to me. I think I may have realized then that Yoochun meant to me more than what I have thought. I truly care about the boy. Sue me.

The next day, Sunday, I had to go Disneyland. Yes, after seeing theMicky, I was going to see Mickey Mouse! It was a good thing the other girls in the group wanted to go too. My family and my colleagues knew I was going to watch JYJ’s concert because of Micky Yoochun, but my boss didn’t. I told him I was going to Disneyland. I told him I couldn’t be this old and not have seen Mickey Mouse in person! But he said, “Why now? Why not next month?” I just told him now is as good a time as any, and the tickets are on sale. Haha! I’m so sorry for lying to him, but how was I supposed to tell him? He’s 70 years old! How is he going to understand? How is his mind going to process the fact that his accountant was going to Hong Kong in the middle of a very important deadline just to watch a concert of a Korean boy band? So, to Mickey Mouse we went, WALKED around Disneyland the whole day and took a photo of Mickey Mouse. I practically felt the HATE my feet were shooting towards me by the end of the day.


When I woke up the following morning after coming back home, I new I was in trouble. My feet went on strike! I couldn’t stand! Hahahah! That was so epic! I knew they’ve been hating on me, but I didn’t know they could do that to me, refusing to stand. Gosh! My sister came to my room and asked me, “What on earth happened to you?” I smiled at her and told her, “I HAD THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF MY LIFE.” “Now get out, baby sis, I want to rest for a bit and maybe dream about it again.”

Before I end these uhh… reminiscences, I want to take this chance to say sorry to some fans AND EXPLAIN. I did something, along with other Chunsas, that displeased some JYJ fans. I did not mean to offend anyone, least of all Jae and Junsu. I love those guys. How can I not love Yoochun’s brothers? But I want to say something now. During the concert I held 3 light sticks: blue, red and pink. I didn’t have any green because nobody gave me green. But of course I was waiving the blue one like I was one demented soul. I didn’t even take one decent photo of Yoochun because I was too busy waving the light sticks. And I was afraid the guards might carry me out of the venue if they see me taking photos. Haha! Yeah, I know I’m such an ignorant fan girl. Anyway,  I didn’t realize I should only waive one color at a time, at the appropriate time. I’m just a novice at these things; I’ve only ever been to two concerts in my life (they weren’t even boy band concerts) and a few musicals. So I’m more used to the stay-quiet-and-keep-yourself-seated shows. But I was there in a big venue full of screaming young ones, I didn’t know what to do except focus on Yoochun because it might end so suddenly without me realizing it. I didn’t know it mattered that I was waving three colors. I was wrong, I’m sorry. But to call our blue light stick stupid was uncalled for. I may have been in the wrong for not understanding the “rules” during a JYJ Concert, but you cannot call someone stupid just because of it. I went to that concert because of Yoochun, seeing Jae and Junsu perform was a BIG, FAT bonus. We have to understand that we have our own biases. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love the other members as well. I love Jae and Junsu. But Yoochun simply is my “baby.” Please don’t take it against me for doing something, the only thing I could do, the only thing available to me at that time, to show my support to that “baby.” After all, I went to Hong Kong and SURVIVED Hong Kong because of him.



And that was what happened to this little mouse, exactly one year ago, when she finally saw theMicky.

Part 1 here

Part 3 here




12 thoughts on “I Survived Hong Kong Because Of Yu”

  1. Another story by little mouse! And how fun!! You’ve actually been to a concert, I’m so jealous. I’m still so bitter for not having gone to Barcelona or Berlin. Back then I thought they would come to Europe again. I had no one to go with and I was just a baby Chunsa… I didn’t think I wouldn’t have a chance to go again. Some things you should do right away.

    Still, I haven’t lost hope they’ll come to Europe one day. I will see him one way or another, even if it means I’ll have to cross an ocean.

    Regarding the light sticks… some fans take things too seriously. I don’t think you did something disrespectful and certainly not something that deserves the stupidity label. Like you said, we all have our bias, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love the others. Jaejoong is my favourite singer in kpop, I love his voice more than Yoochun’s and Junsu is the absolute idol that has it all. I love them very very much. But Yoochun is my baby. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Some things you should do right away.” – This is so right @cherryinvain! When I learned about the Cities they were going to perform at, the decision to go was instant. I told a Chunsa friend I was going, even if I had to go alone. I was afraid I may never have another chance again.

      I’m sure you’re going to see them. You just cannot not see them! And I think I’m going to see him once again. 😜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Unnie, hahaha! I just love reading this, it’s so funny… and Happy 1st year Anniversary of meeting theMicky!
    you’re such a comedian just like Yuchun LOL!
    thanks for sharing your experience about your HK con experience… now this newbie chunsa got an idea about the do’s and don’ts in JYJ concert, the lightsticks have really important role, but yeah, I agree that the incident of stupid – is really unbelievable… anyways
    so nice to know, the shy mouse was able to survived HK because of YUchun hehe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, @alyne6002. One advice, get a ticket to the standing pit (is that what it’s called? hehe) near the main stage or the extended stage. It’s where all the fun is!


  3. love your story shy mouse . . . seems i’m with you in HK as i read your story, but there is one thing that i really want to know aside from your description that yoochun glows . . . i’ve read this word “glows” from other people’s description of yc too . . . please kindly elaborate how he looks like, actually i really don’t mind if he has pimple scars or whatever, all chunsas loved him for who he is
    . . . just want to satisfy my curiousity ha ha ha 🙂


  4. Hmmm how should I describe him for you @graymando6…

    We were actually not near the stage to give you a lowdown on his face haha. But what I saw from where I was sitting was a man, the size of my pinkie, who was glowing. He was too far for me to see clearly (without looking at the huge monitor at the side of the stage) the detailed features of his face, but the aura of the man was too bright and too strong not to be seen even from where I was. And the feeling he evoked in me was something I’ve never felt before. I’m not in love with the guy, okay? I love him so much but I’m not in love with him haha. But when he looked our way, it felt like he could see me and my heart just thumped like crazy and my hand waived that blue light stick as if to say to him “Hey baby I came here for you!” Sigh. What a completely crazy feeling that was! I’m sorry my words could not do justice to that feeling, I don’t know how to express it clearly.

    I’ve posted a photo taken after the concert. You’ll see just how far I was from seeing his pores haha!


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