Hongkong: A Painted Memory

A Precious Meeting

Hong Kong, I’m here…. It thrills my every cell, meeting some JYJ fans and my chunsa friends, see JYJ especially Park YuChun perform live; my dream, my prayer, my journey to the unknown; getting lost, achy feet, tiredness seeped through every muscle, but still smiles can be seen in each others’ faces knowing we’re experiencing it together; everything is worth it, the sacrifice, the happiness, the sadness; this trip will be etched forever in my heart, I’ll do it again in a heartbeat and I bet they feel just the same…



AsiaWorld-Expo, let’s rock…. Filled with people I don’t even know, different races, different faces, but with same goal as mine, to support Park YuChun, to support JYJ; we asked each other where  free goods are given, bought official goods together we now treasure much, waited for hours till the concert, sitting on the floor eating late lunch; telling stories like there’s no tomorrow, smiles given genuinely, laughter echoes from everywhere, an experience worth remembering; entering the hall and seeing how it’s starting to fill up,  chanting and shouting can be heard, lights out and the music started, then lights focused on a direction where they appeared, the party I’ve been waiting, we’ve been waiting far too long just started…





♢6002, My Sweet Dream

The first time I laid my eyes on him and saw him directly, his real self, my heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest and my brain is doing crazy stuffs like it’s starting to imprint what’s in front of me; the prince of every princess, the god of every goddesses, the Mickey of Minnie, the Donald of Daisy, the Shrek of Fiona; the missing piece of a puzzle, the answer to every question, the truth to the unknown, the man in my so called dreams…


The first time I saw him sing and heard his voice I was enchanted by him; the way he closed his eyes, tilted his head back, held the microphone, lose himself like his world only have notes flying around him and loving him deeply;  was lost with him in the world he just created, connecting souls, linking hearts, reaching minds…


The first time I saw him dance and moved gracefully my eyes just found its way to his direction; those hip thrusts, those swaying broad shoulders, those hands that moved flawlessly, those feet that never stopped until the music stopped, heavy breathing; every move my eyes followed, every intake of breath I swallowed, every wink my heart skipped a beat, every biting and licking of lips just tasted too sweet…


His presence was overwhelming that when I opened my heart to him I went too deep, too far not wanting to leave, the spell was too much I was hypnotized and saw a man with wings; an angel, a beautiful creature, a free spirit, a delightful soul; the epitome of perfection in my eyes, a role model to most, an inspiration to Chunsas, my guardian angel in disguise…


 ♧6002, My Beautiful Nightmare

Yes….. We were under the same roof, almost breathing the same air, probably more or less than a hundred meters away from each other, but it still felt like we were an ocean away; not destined to really meet, just to admire him from afar like I always do, fate doesn’t allow us to really cross each others’ paths; he goes left I go right, he flies I fall, he swims I drown…


Now….. Every memory is starting to blur and fade slowly and it’s scaring the most out of me; lines now turning segments, colorful pictures now turning black and white and grey, happiness now turning into sadness; I long for his smile, I long for his voice, I long for his moves, his presence I miss the most…


And this….. I’m trying to hold on to the memory but it seems like my hand is slipping, I’m still fighting for what’s left of him; maybe 2 and 1/2 hours is not enough for him and me, maybe because I want that night to be filled with happiness but ended up being heart broken having to let him go, maybe I just don’t want that very moment to end; he’s my rain and my sunshine, my day and my night, my sweet dream and my beautiful nightmare…


The Return of the King

I’ll do everything to retrieve those precious memory because it feels like a string was already cut…. I’ll go back to square one and tie a strong knot to keep it attached forever in me even if it’s a blur or faded…. I better have tidbits of that moment rather than not have any….


Written by: Abbie.gaile


Photo cr.: Abbie.gaile

(Originally posted by ParkYoochunSGFC)



2 thoughts on “Hongkong: A Painted Memory”

  1. “the Mickey of Minnie, the Donald of Daisy, the Shrek of Fiona”

    I had to laugh at this, so cute!!

    I’m jealous of you guys for having seen him live, but at the same time, I’m sorry for you because I don’t know what I’m missing, while you do! It must hurt so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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