A Long And Winding Road Leading To Park Yuchun

I have been a Korean-drama addict since 2006. It all started when I watched a K-drama broadcasted on our local TV and I became a fan of a Korean actor, a 36 year-old ahjussi! He is now 45 years old. Yes, I used to be attracted to older/matured guys. So you see, Yuchun didn’t stand a chance with me during that time haha!

In 2008, I was invited… uhh dragged, to be more precise, to a K-Pop event by my friend whose friend was the president of a fan club. I was not a K-Pop fan (still won’t be if it wasn’t for JYJ), but I went along with her. I guess the headcount mattered more to her than the enthusiasm of her recruit haha! I remember I wore a blue shirt because we were given instructions to wear something blue. Uhm no relevance to my story here but I just had to mention it because it now reminds me that it’s Yuchun’s color hehe. But if you’re interested to know what happened, here is an account from a Filipino fan  who attended the event.


 After reading once again this fan account I suddenly remember the uproar from the fan girls when the K-pop artists gave their video messages to Filipino fans. The 4,000 screaming fan girls did create a mini-earthquake in that venue. And it was there that I first saw and became aware of DBSK; five good-looking young guys who had lots of fans called Cassiopeia. I had fun during the event, but I was basically just a K-drama fan so that was it for me. No one stood out in my eyes. Not even that guy with the wide forehead!

I also came to like Kim Jung-Eun in 2008. I always watched her SBS Chocolate show. I anticipated who will be her guests every episode. If it happened to be Korean actors, I would look forward to it. But if her guests were K-Pop groups, I would skip the episode. Yes, a missed chance of watching the episode where DBSK were guests. But I remember the episode featured a blind girl who can sing and play the piano. Yes, it’s the same girl whose Documentary film Yuchun has volunteered to lend his voice for the narration. And yes, you’ve probably guessed I so want to kick myself for not watching it at that time! I only saw the video last year when I was searching for Yuchun/DBSK videos.

But as months went by, I gradually lost interest in watching K-dramas. I just watched a few which I found interesting.

In 2011, I watched “Scent of A woman.” I liked one particular song in the OST which was sang by an idol named Xiah Junsu. I saw him do a cameo in the drama, but I did not recognize him from the video shown during the K-Pop event in 2008. I loved his song, but I didn’t have any interest to search for more information about him. Sorry Junsu. So yeah, a missed chance of knowing about JYJ and Yuchun again.

I also started watching Miss Ripley in 2011 but I stopped after a few episodes because of the plot. I just couldn’t stand Lee Da Hae’s character! I did not even notice Yuchun there, never mind remember him to be one of the five good-looking guys from TVXQ. Reason – I ignored young guys even if they were good-looking. Well, at least I knew he was good-looking. I just wasn’t looking! Haha!


Had I still been following Kim Jung-Eun in 2011, I would have known that she lent her voice to JYJ’s song In Heaven. I only knew about it, well, last year of course when I was Yuchun-video hunting. Yes, another chance lost of knowing about JYJ.

In 2012, I studied Korean Language at a learning institution. I made friends not only with K-drama lovers, but with those who loved Korean culture and K-POP as well. But then even if I became friends with diehard KPOP fans, nobody in my circle of friends was a fan of JYJ.

In early 2013, Rooftop Prince was broadcasted here in my country but I couldn’t watch it on its afternoon time slot, so I decided to watch it later, and just wrote it on my K-drama bucket list to finish in 2013. But I didn’t watch it… simply because, when I saw the poster, I saw some not-so-attractive, weird-looking young guys in sweatsuits! They did not catch my interest really… so again a chance to know Yuchun down the drain.

I only watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2013 but guess what, I got attracted to the wrong guys! Yes, I got attracted to Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki…not Yuchun! Okay, who wants to kick me first? Get in line, me first!

I liked Yoon Eun-Hye, I’ve practically seen all her dramas except for Missing You because I have really no interest in heavy dramas. And yet another well-deserved kick in the butt for missing this chance to see Yuchun!

In early 2014, I stopped following the career of my first love – the ahjussi Korean actor – so I think that’s the time my heart was able to recognize another Korean man.

With all those many ‘almost-encounters’ with Yuchun fate has thrown at me, I think it got tired and finally threw me something I couldn’t dodge anymore. It was in July 2014. I was just watching random Korean dramas and I finished “Wonderful Mama.” One of the lead stars was Jung YuMi. I liked her in that drama so I searched for her other projects and that’s how I ended up (at last!) watching Rooftop Prince. And yes! I fell in love with Lee Gak, the guy I dismissed as not-so-attractive, weird-looking young guy in sweatsuit! Because I loved Lee Gak, I became interested in the actor playing the role and I discovered this wonderful man named Park Yuchun! I am grateful to Jung YuMi (Sena/crown princess role) for being used by fate, for me to finally see this gem of a man they call Park Yuchun.


All the things I have discovered about him make me like him even more. The more I know him, the more my feelings for him gets deeper. It’s very unlike me to be attracted to a younger Korean guy. Yuchun changed my mindset in admiring younger men.


Yuchun is a matured guy. At his age he has accomplished a lot. I never imagined he had another career which was in KPOP world! Honestly, I was surprised when I saw his photos in The Return of the King Concert in Seoul. Because he was wearing make-up! Hahaha! But then, I reminded myself that he is an Idol, he is a Kpop star, so definitely he would wear make-up. But the thing is, I find him so manly even with the make-up, unlike other Kpop stars who look… girly. Yuchun still looks handsome with the eye make-up! Or is it that he looks EVEN MORE handsome because of it? Haha!


I am really blown away with his acting skills, but he amazed me too with his talent in singing/writing/composing songs/rapping! How on earth can a man be so multi-talented and at the same time posses a kind heart, is a loving son and brother, a loyal friend to JJ & JS and also very humble with all his popularity, and to top it all, is gifted with good looks? Park Yuchun has  it all… almost the perfect man in every way.

After Rooftop Prince, it was down the love lane for me. I browsed the web for more information about Yuchun. I discovered blogs/fan sites dedicated to him and his group JYJ. I watched a lot of Yuchun/JYJ/DBSK videos on Youtube. Although of course I know I have a long way to go before I can say I’ve watched them all. I need a lot of time to watch the tons of videos on Youtube. Maybe I’ll have that much needed time when he leaves us for two years.

The song Love in the Ice and Empty Space For You were my first favorites. His high notes in Love in the Ice – Korean version completely moved me and brought me deep down further into his complex but colorful KPop world. Actually, the harmonization of DBSK’s five voices were so good that I searched for more old DBSK songs too! It’s DBSK/JYJ and Yuchun’s solos I’m listening non-stop since I became a Chunsa. It’s like I can’t sleep without listening to his voice every night. His voice makes my heart feel at ease. Whenever I feel tired or stressed out, I just need to listen to his deep soothing voice, and everything seems to be alright.

 photo 1-3

His SMILE makes my heart flutter and I feel like MY world gets brighter just seeing his radiant smile.


I loved Park Yuchun the actor first, I was captivated with his superb acting skills in RTP. And I loved him more when I watched his other dramas and movie and knew about his other career as a KPOP singer. As I came to learn about his personality through what people say about him, I loved him even more. I cannot get him out of my mind and my heart. And I also get worried over him… just like how Chunsas all over the world worry over him and love and care for him.

I might not comment on his concerts/FM performances, etc., but I love him when he is singing… and his voice is to die for (I borrowed this phrase from another Chunsa hehe).

I cannot comment on the real Yuchun as a person because I do not know him that much, I’ve only read a few articles/interviews about him.

I might not join in spazzing over Yuchun in real time… I am not always online…

But I’m trying to get updates as much as I can.

But I’m just always here for Yuchun and for Chunsas.

I have only been a Chunsa for one year and it’s been like a roller coaster ride! I’ve enjoyed the ride a lot, met lovely ladies/Chunsas online and in real life! I am grateful to the lovely and kind Chunsas who have accepted and welcomed a newbie like me. Anyway, thank you for walking with me down my long and winding road leading to Park Yuchun.

To : Mr. Park Yuchun, your smile is like the sun that lights up my whole world, so thank you for coming into my life. Sorry it took me so long to fall in love with you! But I am very grateful I became a Chunsa, even if it’s a tad late… knowing you is such a wonderful blessing that happened to me. You are in my prayers… wishing you all the very best.

 photo 2-3

Thank You so much and I love You!!! Jeongmal Komapgo Saranghaeyo!!! 정말 고맙고 사랑해요!!!

winding road

Written by: alyne_6002


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18 thoughts on “A Long And Winding Road Leading To Park Yuchun”

  1. I’m curious about the ahjussi! Tell me who it is! I was also a huge kdrama fan too back in the day and lost my chance of meeting Yoochun earlier many times, like you did.

    And there is something I’m actually jealous of you for: that you have videos left to watch. I wish there were varieties of DBSK that I hadn’t watched before, but sadly I’ve watched everything, even what’s not online anymore. And since JYJ can’t get on TV, there is shortage of videos.

    So don’t rush into watching everything, because then one day you’ll be like me and there won’t be anything left to watch. It’s a good thing that I love re-watching and that’s what I plan to do while he’s away. Re-watch all of his dramas, all of his videos. So I won’t miss him so much.


    1. Hi @cherryinvain
      hahaha! hmmm.. the ahjussi korean actor is Jung Junho.. he is a handsome man with a kind heart… He is happily married now and have a cute baby boy…
      anyways, thanks for reading this hehe! I suddenly feel shy…
      thank you for your kind words…
      you don’t have to be jealous… I have a lot to catch up… I’m kinda jealous to all of you who have been with him for the past years.. You have been with him thru thick and thin.. and I think you have a very special bond with him because you experience his hardships, his pain, his success, his happiness, his life within those years… so even if I wasn’t a chunsa back then, I am so thankful to the Chunsas who loves him since his debut as singer, since his debut as an actor up to this time…
      ok, those everything you have seen, I wish I could watch them all hehehe… ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh I’ve watched Jung Junho in IRIS, he’s a hot looking ahjussi all right, lol.

        There are Chunsas that have been together with Yoochun since his DBSK days or even his debut and I’m jealous of them. I guess everyone is jealous of the people that have been with him the longest.

        I don’t know how all these years passed. But he was always there, occupying my mind almost daily. Maybe that will change when he’s gone and we have no news at all, but after he comes back, I’m sure I’ll want to know everything about him as soon as it’s released. I’m currently happy because of Lucid Dream and the JYJ songs that will be released when they’re all gone, so it’s not like he’s left us with nothing. We also have 5 dramas to re-watch while missing his face, so I consider us Chunsa’s really lucky compared to other fans.


  2. @Alyne_6002,I couldn’t stop laughing when I read how many near misses you had with Yu Chun ! It’s funny how some of us took years like you to fall for him while some can fall at the sound of his voice “IBUSHIO !” in SKKS .

    @cherryinvain, actually there are some TV variety shows in his DBSK days that you may have not watched. I thought I had seen in the last 5 years but am always pleasantly surprised when some chunsas show his old Youtube clips I had missed.


      1. There are several videos nowadays being re-uploaded to Utube because they were deleted before, but I have them saved in my hard drive. Back in 2010 I saved everything I watched and good that I did, lol.

        But yeah, you never know… I might have missed stuff.


    1. @YC Love
      yeah right I had so many near misses… aigoo…but I didn’t expect I’ll fall for him really… hahaha! that man captivates women since 2003 up to this time… ^_^


  3. I just realized, today is Pages Bound By 6002’s first month anniversary! Happy first monthsary beautiful Chunsa! Let’s keep the pages coming and hope that 6002 himself gets to read each page some day! Thank you everyone… 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Jellybean

      Congratulations Unnie!
      Happy first monthsary of Pages!
      and yeah, let’s hope for more lovely chunsas stories to come, wishing that Pages will be filled with lots of love from Chunsas all over the world!


  4. Dear Alyne_6002,
    I’m glad that you had finally found him in the end.
    Take your time to enjoy all his previous vidoes.
    I’m still discovering new ones and enjoying re-watching the seen ones.


  5. @Jellybean , congrats on your 1st month ! The uninitiated may be forgiven if they think you are having a new born baby !! Haha !

    And thank you to all the chunsas who wrote articles and who commented. I am here everyday,looking for new things to read. They feed my love for Yu Chun.

    @cherryinvaun, you are very smart to save the old clips of Yu Chun. I have lost countless SKKS clips made by chunsas , especially one on ” Thank you, Park Yu Chun and Good Bye, Lee Seon Joon”. That was my favourite.The background music was haunting and the words by the fan, touching.

    Whenever I watch that, I am so moved by how much Yu Chun meant to chunsas. That clip has been deleted. I hope you have seen and saved that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve watched this video but sadly, I haven’t saved it. I used to save their varieties and appearances, not the fanvids. I should have saved those too. 😦


  6. @cherryinvain
    oh, hahaha! thank you for your comment about JJH, hot looking ahjussi? wow. I feel proud haha LOL!
    anyways, I am happy you have been with him since SKKS, and yes, we re lucky, we can watch his dramas, listen to JYJ songs, the old songs and the upcoming ones, also Haemoo and Lucid Dream…
    we have lots of Yuchun stuffs when he is serving his duty… of course we are going to miss him…
    and lucky also means, we became Chunsas even if on different time and situations… it’s really a blessing…


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