My Fate With Park Yoo Chun

It all started in year 2007. It was Bae Yong Joon I liked, because he was the 1st Korean actor I knew, hehe… and of course it was because of Winter Sonata.  So when I knew that he was finally having a new darma – The Legend – of course I had to watch it. And because I usually liked Korean Drama OSTs, I also anticipated the OST of this drama. I knew then The Legend’s OST, “A Thousand Year Love Song” will be sung by DBSK. I was thinking at that time… “Oooohhh, finally I will be hearing a song from the famous Korean Pop Group!” Though I’m a non-KPop fan, I knew that DBSK was famous because there were always news about them in my Asian Entertainment tabloids and magazines. But I never gave attention to them. Although I think I knew HERO Jae Joong (don’t ask me how, hehhe… I’ve forgotten all about it) and of course I had ZERO knowledge about Park Yoo Chun and which one he was. After hearing the song, I loved it immediately. But that was it.

Then in year 2008, it was DBSK’s Mirotic performance at the 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards. I watched this award event because Kang Ji Hwan was a nominee. I only watch award shows when a bias of mine gets nominated, heheh. But at that time, my reaction was only… “Ahhh… DBSK’s performance. Finally I can watch their performance. And hey, I liked the song! But once again, I didn’t give attention to them more than liking their song.


 In 2011, my friend and I chatted about our favorite dramas and that time I was promoting to her Hong Gil Dong. It was from this drama that I started liking Kang Ji Hwan. It was my 2nd Saeguk after Bae Yong Joon’s The Legend. But both were not really pure Saeguk. My friend promoted to me Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She said the story was good and funny (I don’t really remember all her words hehe…). I said I think I know about that drama but didn’t know about all the artists in it. And because it was Saeguk, I just said that maybe someday I will watch it, but it wasn’t a promise because I didn’t really like Saeguk.

Then in 2012 I went to South Korea… just because I loved the Cherry Blossom scene from Kang Ji Hwan’s drama. LOL… I even rode the cable car and I liked the scenery on that mountain!

 Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.11.27 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.11.11 AM

But after that I suddenly lost my interest in KDramas. For a few months I didn’t watch any. One day my friend asked me whether I have TK2H and Rooftop Prince. I said I’d download them for her.   After that I got curious about the two dramas. With the first drama, I knew the artists but I didn’t really like them so I thought I’d give it a pass. Then Rooftop Prince. Hmmm… I didn’t really know the lead actor but I knew the female lead. I liked her from Kang Ji Hwan’s drama before. So I said, okie… I’ll try to watch this one. I was a KDrama lover but I usually only watched a KDrama until episode 4 to see if it’s worth watching. If I don’t like it, I just stop watching it.

The first thing I noticed about the male lead in the 1st scene was…”Hmmmm… this actor has a scar on his face.” It’s kinda not a common thing for Korean artists. And then the moment when I felt that the actor was “something”: it was on the 2nd episode when he spoke while sticking his nose up in the air! I was LOLing so hard! His expression was so awesome! Haha!


 I continued watching it until I finally experienced the moment when watching a KDrama and I can say, “Ahhhh… I’ve been to that place…”

It was on Episode 13 when the male lead was so scared of riding a cable car. Later on I found out that the shooting took place 2-3 weeks after I went there!


 And then the major moment that changed my life, haha! It was on episode 16. He had to act as a different person in front of the female lead, wearing eyeglasses and talking with a modern accent. I already loved the way he spoke in his Joseon voice, and now it changed. IT WAS AWESOME!


I decided to find out who he was. Finally, I knew the actor’s name was PARK YOO CHUN. He was also a singer and a member of KPop group JYJ. I also found out he was a former member of DBSK (OMG! How come I never noticed him before?) and he sang the RAP part of their songs… and HE HAS TATTOOS (another OMG)!


So this was the real person behind my Prince Lee Gak…

After that, my fate as a Chunsa began…


Written by: Roweina


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13 thoughts on “My Fate With Park Yoo Chun”

  1. Our stories are very similar, because I also didn’t care about kpop for a few years, when I was a huge kdrama fan!

    And I like Kang Ji Hwan too. 😀


    1. @cherryinvain

      hehehe….very similar…..n even for Ji Hwan too…..There were 2 things happened with ChunNi n Ji Hwan. The 1st thing I like it. The 2nd thing I like when it happened with Ji Hwan but DO NOT like when it happened with ChunNi. XD

      To be honest, till now I’m still don’t care about KPop, hehe….coz for me , it’s kinda all the same. The exception only for JYJ. hehe….n after became a Chunsa, I’m no longer a huge KDrama fan. Sooo picky now.


      1. @Jellybean

        Part 2 will coming out in 3 days after ChunNi’s enlistment n there is a reason why I chose that day, hehhe…..

        hhmmm…about the two things that happened, wanna think it again if I want to write it or not. hahaha…..


  2. “OMG! How come I never noticed him before?”

    @Roweina, thank you for your interesting story . It looks like it took a long route ( 5 long years) for you to arrive at loving Yu Chun. Even in Rooftop Prince, it took 16 episodes and we are eagerly waiting for the next installment of your love story.


    1. @YC Love

      Yes, a long route coz it needs 5 long years till finally ChunNi n my star colliding. hhahaha….

      n I actually prefer that I need 16 eps to arrive at loving ChunNi than shorter time coz maybe I only like his character than himself.

      Thanks for waiting for it,


    1. @pink sapphire

      Thanks…… I hope my story is kinda funny but unfortunately it’s not. hahhaa….

      ah yeah….the next part. It will be posted in 3 days after ChunNi’s enlistment.


      1. @roweina
        Your story may not be funny but it’s entertaining!
        And from now to 3 days after Chunnie’s enlistment is really too long a wait for me! 🙂


  3. @Pink Sapphire, then you should write another article to entertain us to fill in the time between now and 3 days after his enlistment ! 🙂


    1. @YC Love

      Hahaha….yeah, agree….

      @pink sapphire

      yeah, kinda long but coz actually this article is part of my project (Chunsa Magz) n I’m going to post it in 3 days after ChunNi’s enlistment,so U should wait till that time.

      I think I can say this article is like a Teaser. Hahaha……


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