I Miss You

To my dear Yu Chun… I am so glad to have known you as you have definitely changed my life and my whole perspective of Korean artists. You truly are an amazing person, not just as an artist, but in real life as well. Somehow, or rather, I can feel that your acting does show much of your true self. It just flows naturally and your facial expressions are the most mesmerizing. Those hilarious moments, tears forming in the eyes, quirky smile, your most popular pouting lips and killer eyelashes, just make me want to see more and more of you. Words cannot describe how much you are being adored. Well, let’s look back on how I got to know you by chance:-


Just a normal routine day, coming back from work and switching on the television and Ms Ripley was on air. I did not even know that it was Ms Ripley at first, just thought ahhh… just another Korean lovey-dovey show etc… then suddenly I saw this milky-skin gentleman appearing on screen, hmm,….not really handsome or eye-catching and the hair looks a bit quirky….but the moment he speaks…. wah !!! And the mesmerizing eyes just got me glued.   Yu Chun may not be a head-turner at first glance, but as you get to know him, there is no turning back. He captures your heart from his facial expression and soothing voice. The more you look at him, you will notice how handsome he is and the boyish looks and tall model-like stature is just drop-dead gorgeous. From that day onwards, I diligently came back on time to watch his drama and tried to search for more info about him. It was really surprising that he has already been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade and his remarkable talent for singing and writing songs captures my heart once again. There are so many DBSK songs that I love especially the ballads. My favourites so far are Believe, Picture of You, Hug, You Always, Song for You, Unforgettable, Love is, Oasis, Melody & Harmony, Holding back the Tears, Kiss the Baby Sky and not forgetting Magic Castle. In fact, all their songs are good because they have the perfect harmony.

Watching Yu Chun retrospectively in SKKS and moving forward to RTP and Missing You, I need not say more. His acting ability is outstanding. He was very wise in choosing a script that expanded the different sides of his acting capabilities. All the 4 dramas are equally good and I do not have any favourites because as long as there is Yu Chun in it, it would be my favourite. When Missing You aired on our Malaysian TV, I diligently came back to watch it although I have watched the drama online many times. Frankly speaking, you can never get bored of Yu Chun’s drama. Do you all Chunsas agree with me??







What makes me adore Yu Chun even more is his noble and humble nature as a person in real-life. I would presume that his difficult childhood makes him what he is today. His commitment towards his family at a very tender age was really touching and it comes very rare in youngsters today. That is why he has many fans from different ages, which makes him a very special person. His generosity and involvement in many charity campaigns is what makes him so warm and likeable. He always put himself in other people’s shoes and that is why he always makes sure that people around him are comfortable working with him. To sum up, Yu Chun has a very big heart full of love to sprinkle to all of us…He is so adorable, what more can I say…our dearest Chunnie… I MISS YOU.


Written by: Violet


Revised original posted @ ParkYoochunSGFC

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4 thoughts on “I Miss You”

  1. “Frankly speaking, you can never get bored of Yu Chun’s drama”

    @Violet, How true , your statement above. I know you still follow Yu Chun’s dramas as we still discussed his comic scenes in “Girl who sees smells” recently.It’s a shame his movie ” Sea Fog” was not shown in Malaysian cinemas or you would have loved it too.

    Thank you for your heartfelt article.


  2. Hi YC Love & Pink Sapphire…. it seems like ages since I got to know YC and he has really matured, I mean really matured from his DBSK days ( I think you all know what I mean haha). Hey is really great to remember again all his great work..and his remarkable personality..Cheers to all chunsas!!
    PS: because of YC..I have started to like korean dramas all over again..:)))


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