My PYC… The Beginning: A Grandmother’s Love

What is it that gives strength to continue when we are tired and burned out? Sometimes and inspirational idea can help us to start anew.

Inspirational ideas… yes, they come in many forms… and my inspiration came in one form… in the form of a person named Park Yoochun.

grandma skks

It was sometime in year 2011 when in a place far away from my family I came across Korean DVDs being sold a few blocks away from our staff house and one of those, and actually the only copy left, was Sungkyunkwan Scandal. From then on my life was never complete without Park Yoochun.

I may be a grandmother of four but like a fan girl, I began searching for anything and everything about Park Yoochun. The more I learned of him, the more he became amazing.

I cry when he cries… I smile as he smiles. I fight when I ought to fight, along with other Chunsas, with all our might.

yc crying

Yoochun-ah… stand tall for all the world to see,

Your strength and beauty that amazes me.

You’ve been through life’s storms but searched the radiant sky…

When the winds are high and restless,

You’ve lived on to survive and “Kiss the Baby Sky…”

And “all the dreams and hopes made of your eyes.”

Yes, TVXQ: Your Hero, Your Max, Your U-Know, Your Xiah and You Micky, supposedly you’re one, eternally. But it was not as you wanted it to be…

…it made me reminisce the time when I was also in a group of five, but unlike you we vanished and left no memories in the mind.

In you I learned and could learn so much… though we are generations apart. I only pray God give to me the strength He’s given you…

To face each day with hope,

Whether the skies are black or blue.

Park Yoochun, you truly are a gift

Every moment you live is a treasure.

The simple things you take for granted

Still become our ultimate pleasure.


Not everyone’s going to love you,

But who needs them anyway…

As for me, I love you as you are.


You may not be the most handsome as some may say,

May not have the best voice as you sing,

But for Chunsas and me, you have the sweetest

And of course, are always the best and no one else.

Why am I here? Why am I writing all these things? Ahhh… for you. I just want to let you know and hope you come to know, I want to stand by you.  I wonder, is there even something that I can do for you?

It will always be for you. Forever, always for you.


I want you to stay and smile… forever smile,

Just like the sunflower I want to send to you

Because of you, you’ve made me realize

The existence of happiness in spite of loneliness.


Written by: Grandma of Four


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5 thoughts on “My PYC… The Beginning: A Grandmother’s Love”

  1. @Grandma of Four, don’t I just love you ! Your poetic tribute to Yu Chun makes me smile.

    “Yoochun-ah… stand tall for all the world to see,
    Your strength and beauty that amazes me.”

    What a beautiful and apt way to describe how we chunsas feel about him, through your words.


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