The Doctor Is In

Being a 48 year-old municipal physician has really kept me busy and stressed out. Watching TV would be considered a luxury, much more follow any series unless it will be shown late at night and I just happen to be having another attack of insomnia.

During one of those times in 2012, I happened to see a trailer of SKKS in our local channel. Almost immediately, I got mesmerized by the male lead, (I’m a single mother of a beautiful 22 year-old chef). It was surprising to me that I had that instant feeling because I’m the classic workaholic, no-time-for-nonsensicals kind of person.

His eyes and voice found a niche in my heart and I found myself rushing home every afternoon just to be able to catch the series and I would even watch a replay online.

I thought it was just a fleeting fascination because he portrayed the role of LSJ really well and he has good chemistry with the other cast members as well, and of course the historical aspect was also a come on.

My heart proved me wrong. After 1 week of watching, searching the net for the whole series the following weekend, reading more about him, his other drama series and his advocacy, learning that he was also a singer/composer (his music has captured my life), finding about JYJ, their story, I found myself wanting to know him more and more.

I was hooked.


Everyday since that time, I was getting more and more “involved.”

After SKKS, I watched RTP, Miss Ripley through English subbed sites and I was one of the millions who followed Missing You.

I was into his series, the latest being TGWSS, and also started downloading his videos and following his activities.

I’ve even joined different groups and followed/liked/befriended people online. A 48 yr old FANGIRL! A Chunsa.

Does this make any sense? NOT to my friends, certainly NOT to my family, they ALL thought I was acting crazy and definitely not my age.

But Yoochun did something IN me.

He made me feel ALIVE again.

I feel excited, happy, I see myself crying, smiling, anticipating, angry, contented, almost child-like, all those feelings that I’ve somehow lost for the past several years after my life has gone into a routine (waking up – working – sleeping).

It felt SO GOOD.

Before I taught myself just to empathize and not sympathize (as this can be dangerous in our profession), but after Chunnie entered my life, it feels wonderful to be able to have all sorts of feelings. Makes me even look forward to having another relationship (20 years after my 1st love).

This change IN me soon started showing, and it was my family who noted it first. I was smiling more and sleeping better, my staff said I was less cranky and less irritable, my patients feel more at ease talking with me AND my office and bedroom is now filled with all the YOOCHUN (mostly JYJ as they are giveaways from TM Philippines) stuff that I can have. They all say I’M BLOOMING.

In short, YooChun is a God-given experience for me, a gift to bring out the BEST in me.

Call me — An Ahjumma – YES!, Noona – GLADLY! Fangirl – NO Problem! Chunsa – Definitely Forever! How much do I love him? There’s no measure for it!

There’s only one other thing that I wish for, for now, and that is to get a chance to meet him.

Not only because to see him in person would be the penultimate experience, but most especially to be able to THANK him.

They say that “life begins at 40″, I say, life does begin at 40, especially when you have YooChun around.

It’s been a three-year “love affair” for me and it is still the same feelings I have until now.

To Jellybean: Thank you so much, for putting into words and action what and how we all feel. I hope that one of these days Yoochun himself will chance upon your blog (he is after all very much like us and in the same wavelength) when he “misses” and “check” on us.

Ooops sorry, this is taking so long.

Congratulations and please keep the faith burning for all of us.

Take care and regards to everyone in the group. I’m always here.

AND TO PARK YOOCHUN, THANK YOU for BEING YOU! Allow me to say it: Mahal Kita bilang ikaw (I love you for who you are).

I am always keeping the faith.





Written by: Dr. Cora-chun


Revised original posted @ ParkYoochunSGFC

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21 thoughts on “The Doctor Is In”

  1. @Dr Cora-Chun, Ha ha ! How come chunsas now have attached “Chun” to their real names !??

    I feel so happy for you. You’re a doc and understands some heart issues can never be treated with drugs.Yet you know how to self-medicate with “Chuntamins”. How much will you charge for a prescription for a bottle?

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    1. awesome story . . . yoochun is truly for all ages . . . and for all walks of life, but what’s really amazing is the power he can make into someone, bringing more life and worth . . . this is not just one chunsa’s story there are a lot more almost the same and all these real-life stories make me a proud, yes a very proud chunsa . . . more stories jellybean . . . fighting!

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  2. Hi Doc, it’s great to see your post here finally!

    The Yuchun effect is really rejuvenating! I really hope that he will visit this blog during his “free time” now or in the military. I am sure he will be encouraged by the stories here just like we are.

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  3. annyeong dr.corachun…
    it really nice to know yu and thank yu for sharing your story ab yu… ach.. Yu really as med or vitamin for us… , who care about age .. YU has been uniting chunsa of all ages .. we love him..

    even though we are apart..we will always be under the same sky …… with YU

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  4. I am in tears by just reading it. it always amaze me who someone completely stranger to suddenly enter ur life and change it for ever. i can relate to it coz iam a new fan of Chunnie and by just remembering his smile could make a difference in my day.

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    1. @Rouda, I would love to read your story about Yoochun too! I’m certain I will be teary-eyed before I finish it. It always happen when I read Chunsa stories. That’s why I created this blog. I wanted Yoochun to know somehow, someday, if at all possible, the heart and mind of his Chunsas.


      1. my story is simple. a girl who became captivated by Yoochun when accidentally came across him. I never laughed,smiled or cried the way i do now after knowing him.its diff level of feeling and I am glad that I get to experience it because of him.One thing for sure that I will always love and support him. 😄😚

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  5. @Doc Cora-Chun,
    Hi Doc! although I’ve read this before, it feels like reading a new story, I can really feel your burning love for Chun! Aigoo, this man really is for all ages and I’m so happy too, knowing how Yuchun have touched your life…


  6. So nice to encounter this blog….so many beautiful stories…
    Still new to Park Yoochun….but my world start to revolve around him


  7. Hi Doc…same as you, i m an ahjumma fan…
    really nice to encounter this blog while browsing about yoochun….so many awsome n touching stories, even thou i m still a new fan….but start going crazy. Still spend time to finish reading all the articles in this blog
    Nice to meet you all….

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    1. Yaaaay we have a baby Chunsa! 🙂

      Hi @believe_yu! It’s great to meet you and welcome to Pages. 😊 By the way, we call a new Chunsa a baby Chunsa, nevermind if she’s a noona, an ajhumma or a halmoni. I’m really excited to meet another Yuchun lover/admirer.

      I’m so curious, how did he get you? When you’ve finished reading all the stories here, how about sharing yours with us too? Let’s compare notes? Haha!

      Believe_yu, I’m saving a page for you, believe me! 😀👉


      1. @Jellybean…thanks for the welcome message. I feel like sharing, but not so good in expressing myself…reading all beautiful words here..make me a bit shy :-)…


      2. @Believe_yu, don’t worry it’s normal to feel that way. We all felt that way before writing our stories haha! And you know who inspired me to write my own? Doc Cora-Chun! I read her story at ParkYuchunSGFC site (she’s called Babydoc) more than two years ago. As a matter of fact, some of the stories here at Pages were originally posted at PYCSGFC, including my own hehe. This is Chunsa world, as @Angella said.

        So, I’ll wait for your story haha! Just let it out. Believe me, when you let it out it’s gonna pour you won’t have a chance to stop it haha! I”m just an email away. 😊


  8. @believe_yu dont be shy 🙂 i believe you hv your own beautiful words and it pour bc of your love to Yuchun.

    Isnt it amazing ? We all from all over the world meet bc of one man 😀


  9. @believe_yu
    Hello! so nice to meet you here… Welcome to Pages and welcome to CHUNworld!
    We are so glad to meet new Chunsas, here or anywhere hehe!
    Take your time reading articles here and in some other Yuchun blogs or fansites…
    and if you feel like writing your thoughts – just pour it all out… and @Jellybean is here to help you…
    don’t be shy… we will wait for your lovely chunsa story 🙂
    See you around! 🙂


    1. @Angella & alyne6002….and others chunsa here, really happy to meet you all and happy to find this blog ….yeah..really amazing when everybody come from different places can meet in one virtual place, just in one day…everybody meet in real…hahaha… Now become my routine to browse and read articles about yoochun here and there before my sleep, and sure will try to pour out my thoughts too…one day..


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