Meant To Be A Chunsa

To be honest I didn’t become a fan of Park Yoochun right off the bat. I think I saw him first in some pictures on Twitter. Actually, I was disappointed back then because I was looking for tweets and pictures of my favorite Taiwanese actor/singer when I stalked some people on Twitter. But what I saw were pictures of a guy with long hair and weird face (later on I found out he was called Lee Gak). Then it was in late 2012 when I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal on TV. I didn’t know the names of the actors in that drama but I still watched it because I thought one of the actors was cute. Definitely it was not Yoochun, hehe! I told my friend that the main actor was ugly. Oops! Yes, I said that! I thought Yoochun was ugly. Anyway, I can’t remember if I finished that drama or not. During that time I wasn’t interested in K-drama or K-Pop because I preferred artists from Taiwan.


A few months later, one of my co-workers recommended a K-drama. She said that it was very funny and the actors were like idiots so she was sure that I would like it. So she thought I liked idiots? Maybe she was right because after that I searched for the said drama, LOL. The title was Rooftop Prince. I don’t know why but I still didn’t watch it. But I thought the actor looked familiar, hmmm, but then I just shrugged it off.

Then I watched Reply 1997. In this drama, it mentioned about Park Yoochun and TVXQ (fandom). I was amazed when I found out that TVXQ was very popular in Korea. So I searched about that group, but only just a little because I wasn’t into K-Pop, I was only curious. Then I found out that Yoochun was a member of TVXQ. I thought I knew Yoochun. I searched about him and then I found out that he was the main actor in the K-drama that was recommended by my co-worker. Aha! So it was him! Finally in 2013, I watched Rooftop Prince. This drama made me laugh, cry, scream, oh I really wanted to punch someone in the face when I watched it! I was so emotional. I could relate in that drama, seriously, I was so affected. I also met a Korean guy (and his Korean friends) who stayed in our country for years. We became very close and I remembered him because of Lee Gak (Yoochun’s character in the drama) and the Joseon boys (his friends). I fell in love with that guy but he had to go back to Korea and I thought I already moved on but when I was watching Lee Gak and Park Ha in Rooftop Prince I was smiling like an idiot and sometimes I got teary-eyed because I could see my story in that drama (though not exactly the same), of course minus the mystery. I also read somewhere that Yoochun could play the piano, ugh! Another similarity. But I had to stop. It wasn’t my intention to follow his career. I wasn’t really into Koreans, bitter much?

I thought I already forgot about Park Yoochun. I became active on Twitter then and one of my T-list was a big fan of JYJ (especially of Jaejoong). Most of her tweets were about JYJ and again I saw a lot of pictures of Yoochun on my timeline. Shaking my head, this guy couldn’t leave me alone! One day, I was so bored, when I saw some pictures of JYJ on my timeline and there was nothing to do, I tried to search about the said group. While reading blogs about JYJ, I learned a lot of things. I just found out about Junsu and Jaejoong so I searched more about Yoochun, since I already knew something about him before. I started to read all the news and articles I could find on the Internet. At first he made me confused. He had so many faces, sometimes he was handsome, sometimes he was cute but sometimes he wasn’t attractive, LOL! I couldn’t use the word ‘ugly’ anymore! Then I read the term “chunface.” Believe me, I searched the meaning of that! In some pictures he was very thin but in some pictures he was chubby? Haha! airport13And also his fashion style, hmmm, never mind, LMAO! I think I started to appreciate him for real when I saw his airport pictures. He was wearing sandals and he really looked cool. Then I saw him wearing shorts and I saw his tattoo on his ankle, woah! It was sexy!




When I found out about what happened to Yoochun (to JYJ & TVXQ). I thought it was like watching a soap opera. I thought it was very interesting! Because of what I learned, my respect for Yoochun became bigger. I know that he’s a talented actor, he’s a great performer, a pretty idol, but there’s something more special about him. He’s UNIQUE. Yoochun has an amazing personality. I like his sense of humour, sometimes he’s cheesy but it also makes him cute. Actually he is so freaking cute without even trying. He’s a dork and sometimes he’s a flirt but sometimes he’s a shy boy. Awww really cute! But sometimes he looks scary, especially when he’s serious or when he looks angry. But I still find it sexy. I’m so biased. He’s also a genius. I liked it when someone called him a ‘sexy brain’. With his sexy personality I don’t think he still needs muscular body or a six-pack abs, that would only be a redundancy, haha! I’m also proud every time his co-workers, especially the veteran actors, praise his hard work. He’s playful but he’s serious when it comes to his work. He’s a professional. I love his style.


I told my friend on Twitter that she already influenced me, I already became a fan of JYJ because of her, but my bias was Yoochun. And I learned to like TVXQ as well, heh. Maybe she was disappointed but I already loved everything about Yoochun, even his past. I could embrace everything about him. Even Micky Brown was cute for me, LOL. I wanted to know him more so I watched all his videos on Youtube. I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal again, and this time it was because I wanted to see Yoochun. He looked different when I watched it again. He became very charming, very handsome. I watched it three times. Then I watched Rooftop Prince again, and then I Miss You and Miss Ripley… I even watched his Bandjun dramas when he was still in SM. I couldn’t get enough of him!

I became a certified fan of Yoochun. I support him all the way. I even invited all my co-workers to watch Haemo in the theater with me. I like him as an actor and as a singer as well. And I like everything he does. I also enjoy shipping him with everyone. You see, he’s very shippable! For me he has the most beautiful smile. Sometimes I envy Yoohwan. Why can’t Yoochun be my brother? I want him as a brother, or a friend, and in the future I want to have a son like him. He’s my baby. *Insert Chorus of Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey* — I love to talk about him. Actually, I can talk about him all day long! LOL!


It wasn’t my intention to become his fan but it seemed like there was a magnetic force pulling me toward him. I’m on cloud nine every time I see him. I guess, I was meant to be a Chunsa. 🙂


Written by: lazyxlife


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8 thoughts on “Meant To Be A Chunsa”

  1. “I was meant to be a Chunsa”, this is so beautiful and so true for all of us! :’)

    I never knew your whole story, only parts of it. It was very interesting to read. ❤


  2. ” Yes, I said that! I thought Yoochun was ugly.”

    @lazyxlife, welcome to the club ! Why does practically every Chunsa I know started knowing Yu Chun , thinking he is “ugly”? Me included although I was too polite to call him “ugly” in SKKS. I thought he has “mediocre looks” – the way my grandmother trained us to describe faces that could have blocked a karate chop!

    Now that I am a full fledged chunsa like you, I just couldn’t stop thinking he had the prettiest natural face as a teenager .And now a handsome ,manly one, albeit a wee bit chubby cheeks. I can imagine how charming he will look with his grey hair in his 70s although I won’t be around to witness that.

    Your story just reinforces the fact that Yu Chun is a star who grows on you. No chunsa gets attracted by his looks alone. Looks come and go over time. But Yu Chun is like fine wine. The longer you keep him, the better he tastes.


  3. “Why does practically every Chunsa I know started knowing Yu Chun , thinking he is “ugly”?” – YC Love

    My opinion: I think it’s basically because we, as normal human beings (haha), have a preconceived notion of beauty. There are different kinds. Uhh… how to put this? Please bear with my incoherence haha!

    Let’s just narrow it down to the world Yoochun is a part of: the world of actors and idols. We already have the notion of beauty almost from the moment we could think. The media picks on that notion and feed us what we want to see, what is acceptable beauty: perfect face, perfect body, flawless skin, etc. And the industry sells loads and loads of these to us. We are so used to seeing perfect, out-of-this world beauty that when we come across someone who somehow does not meet the criteria of perfect face, perfect body, flawless skin, who (although handsome when compared to the average guy) looks like someone you would see crossing the street during rush hour, or playing ball in the university grounds, or someone who was asked by his mum to take care of the garbage, we relegate him to a lower level, i.e., “ugly.” Not, idol-like, not actor-like. But the thing is, it’s just a wall. There are some lucky people, yes, that’s us ladies, Chunsas, who were able to pierce through that wall and see the real beauty and treasure behind. And then suddenly everything about him was perfect! What was not so apparent at first glance is now so obvious that it baffles you for not seeing it “right off the bat.” We are now able to appreciate his imperfections and how it makes him perfect in our eyes. His smile alone could bust a light bulb haha!

    Just something I want/need to share with you ladies: I think I’ve already mentioned in one of my comments how hard it is to choose photos to include in an article. Why? Because there are so many beautiful photos to choose from. Last night was the hardest for me, choosing photos of his smiling face. I COULD NOT EXPLAIN THE BEAUTY OF HIS SMILE. Choosing just a few felt like a betrayal to the other photos haha! Heavens, that was really awful. We could probably create a blog just for his smile alone. 💕


  4. What can I say? Yuchun does have this effect on us if you care to find out more about him.

    Since most chunsas are not the “love at first sight” type, will it mean that once it has taken root in us, it will not be easily shaken and given up? I certainly hope so.


  5. @Jellybean, your comments deserve to be posted as an article !! Infact some other comments in this blog needed to be read as articles too. They are “wasted” as comments which can escape the attention of visitors to your blog.

    I am so excited by the encouraging numbers of a chunsas’ love stories.

    @pink sapphire, I dont think many chunsas will give up on him. Because as what Jellybean said, chunsas tend to be quite level headed people who can discern. Who are able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Able to see a diamond in a lump of carbon. We are here to stay by the side of a star who will continue to shine bigger , brighter and further.

    I bless the day I first saw Yu Chun “accidentally” in SKKS in 2010. It has not been an easy ride but I am grateful I ” know” him.


  6. @lazyxlife,
    thanks for sharing your story,,,
    Congratulations! for being a “Certified fan of Yoochun”
    so glad to know you brought your co-workers with you when you watched Haemoo!
    that magnetic force is really unbelievable, that’s why we are all here…

    @YC Love and @Jellybean,
    thank you for telling us your analysis..

    it’s just that I have random side track thought upon reading this @YC Love
    “But Yu Chun is like fine wine. The longer you keep him, the better he tastes.”
    ~~ the better he tastes… oooopppppssss!!! hahaha! LOL! sorry some little naughty thoughts just came up… aigoo!
    but I totally understand what you mean…kkk! 🙂


  7. “… some little naughty thoughts just came up”

    @Alyne, what naughty thoughts? I just said” taste” him. I didn’t say “lick” . LOL !


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