sPARKling Magic of YUCHUN

“Something has changed within me, something is not the same,

I’m through with playing by the rules, of someone else’s game…

Too late for second-guessing, Too late to go back to sleep…

It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap!”

Did you believe in magic as a child? Were you drawn to magical creatures, fables, and stories? Were you a fairy princess? Or were you a witch? As you grew older, coming across proof of every kind that “There Were No Such Things” did you surrender your magical world to the practical world of adulthood? Or was a tiny part of your heart remained unsullied, waiting to be filled with new tales of the mystical, love and magic?

Knowing Park Yuchun is like a magical experience for me. It’s no different from walking into a field of belle flowers or taking a hitch on the back of a dragonfly. I see stars, I see rainbows, I see a Prince. I guess that place in my heart I reserved for magic is still intact.


I am an ordinary citizen of the Philippines, a working mother, a wife, a daughter and a lover (in my dreams) of Mr. Park Yuchun. Hahaha! Just kidding. I have to confess I am not a typical Filipina lady. In other words, I am unladylike. My friends call me “bakla” (gay) because I don’t act like a lady. We Filipinos put so much stock in women acting like a lady, especially the older generation. I do my best, but in the end I just act spontaneously, which is to say, the opposite of being a lady. LOL Whenever I see pictures or videos of Mr.Park I begin to lose myself. I cry, I laugh, I fly, I dream. Okay, I know I’m a wife and a mother. But can anyone blame me? My heart and mind tell me this is a very special man. He may seem like a boy-next-door, but he is a one in a million boy-next-door that every girl is dreaming of. I don’t know if it’s only a trick or a spell he has put me in. But I’m telling you I am completely under his spell that I don’t know if this enchantment will ever be broken.

It was my love for watching movies and dramas that led me to Park Yuchun. My favorite kinds were suspense and love stories. Five years ago I started watching Korean Dramas. When I got hooked on one drama I used to finish it in 3 days, sleeping very late with just a cup of coffee or two for company. But it only happened when my friend was able to point me to a really good story. Or when there was a long holiday vacation. It was around early part of 2013, I came home from long hours of work complete with back pains and the beginnings of a headache. I tried to relax by watching the television, but I wasn’t really into it. Suddenly, a man appeared on the screen. He was a slim, long-legged man wearing a gray sweater. He was standing and waiting for something or someone. His long eyelashes looked like they were glittering and his pointed nose looked like it was saying “hello!” to me. It was “Rooftop Prince,” said the announcer in our local channel. The story seemed quite good and funny. I wanted to watch it, but how? It was going to be aired during daytime when I was at work. Weeks passed and I didn’t realize the drama had ended. After a month, another drama was advertised on the same local channel and this “SAME MAN” again appeared. This time he was wearing a black cardigan and he was crying a lot. He looked devastated in some scenes. Seeing that man crying, a part of my heart was wrenched with sadness. That’s right, it was “I Miss You.” Since I liked Eun Hye (she’s really beautiful) and the story promised to be good, I planned to watch it since it was going to be aired at night. But unfortunately, because of my workload during those times, I came home very late at night most of the time. Without realizing it, the drama came to an end (again) without me seeing it. But the memory of that man crying somehow got stuck in my mind.


In April of 2014 there was a long holiday in the Philippines, it was a chance for me to do movie/drama marathon. Immediately when vacation started, I got my laptop and began searching for I Miss You. I finished the series in two days. I think in those two days I cried more tears than all the tears I’ve cried my whole life. Ok, ok maybe that’s an exaggeration, but not by much haha! After that, I felt sort of low and empty. I wanted more. I browsed for another drama to watch. I didn’t know which drama to choose so I searched for the Top 10 Korean Drama Series. Then I saw again Rooftop Prince which was ranked 4th. I got really curious then, so I started watching the series. Episodes -1-2-3 and so on passed like just all other series for me. At episode 11, a sudden Boom!!! went off. THE MAGIC BEGAN! From that moment up to Episode 20 I was under a spell. How do I explain it? I felt like I was starting a relationship with Prince Lee Gak haha! So many times did I imagine I was Park Ha!

lee gak

“Can’t I make you understand?

You’re having delusions of grandeur:

I’m through accepting limits

‘Cause someone says they’re so

Some things I cannot change

But till I try, I’ll never know!

Too long I’ve been afraid

Of losing love I guess I’ve lost

Well, if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost!”

I began to dig who is the man behind Prince Lee Gak. At that moment I realized his acting was so amazing! And I wanted to bang my head on the wall for my delayed reaction. It took me one year! I recognized his talent in IMY but I don’t’ understand why I didn’t see the fatal charms. I don’t know what happened between I Miss You and Rooftop Prince for me to get bulldozed with the way he smiled, with the way he stared at “me” (or the camera haha). I suddenly saw how handsomely he dressed, how sexy his wide forehead was, how tantalizing his eyes were, how manly those broad shoulders were, and his lips! OMG his lips! Episode 11 totally changed my life.. Ahhhhh!!! Wikipedia became my best friend. I found out this man Park Yuchun was a best friend, a caring brother, a loving son, an amazing actor, a soulful singer, a big time performer, a gifted composer, a courageous man. Besides his physical attributes, it was his admirable character that left me open-mouthed with admiration of this man. What a very generous and down to earth man. If I could be allowed to add something to all those descriptions in Wikipedia, I would add Park Yuchun is my forever sunshine. I read all facts about him: favorite color, habits, food, even the size of his… hmmm… shoes! Hahaha Yes! I also found out he is a member of JYJ!


So if you care to find me

Look to the western sky!

As someone told me lately:

“Everyone deserves the chance to fly!”

And if I’m flying solo

At least I’m flying free

To those who’d ground me

Take a message back from me

He makes me happy and he is one of my inspirations. He is like a family member to me. At this moment my phone is full of Yuchun videos and photos. He is even included in my prayers. Listening to his songs, watching fancams, joining Twitter to get news about him and chatting with Chunsa friends are more delightful than chocolates. Right now I am contented and happy with my simple life. I want my son to be like him someday, to be an inspiration to others, to be the best son, best brother, best friend and eventually a husband a girl would be so blessed to have. Knowing and admiring Mr. Park is a big privilege for me. And because of Mr. Park, I met a lot of beautiful Chunsas whom I now call friends.

Another baby boy is on the way and I really want to call him Micky, if my husband will agree haha! He has been hearing Micky this, Micky that from me so I’m not so sure hehe. If you guys could suggest a Park Yuchun-related name for my baby I would really, really appreciate it! 😍

I wish I were a fairy. I would scatter sparkly fairy dust all around Park Yuchun, grant him all the fairy wishes he wants, and we shall create lovely fairy music together.

tinkerbelled yuchun

They’ll never bring us down


Together we’ll be the greatest team

There’s ever been

Dreams, the way we planned ‘em

If we work in tandem:

There’s no fight we cannot win

Just you and I defying gravity

With you and I defying gravity.


(My favorite song from “Wicked” – Defying Gravity)

Written by: Choylyn


Revised original article posted @ ParkYoochunSGFC

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9 thoughts on “sPARKling Magic of YUCHUN”

  1. Hi @Cholyn. It’s a pleasure to read your article again. Will let you know if I can think of an appropriate name for your son related to our dear Park Yuchun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HAHA! Now I see again my chunsa biography wahahaha. Thank you @jellybean for posting it here… I feel happy because it brings back all the memories with all of you spazzing anytime, anywhere about “our man” and at the same time I feel sad coz I am now so busy with my pregnancy to participate in all the agenda as Chunsas…My bibi in my tummy is 7 months now and I’m due to give birth on or before Oct 17. So I have 2 more months to think of a name for him related to Mr.Micky Park…so this is a name game? lolzzzz By the way a week ago I finished Sensory Couple…realizing how I missed hundreds of news about Yoochun…I miss everyone 🙂 God bless 🙂 love- choylyn


  3. @choylyn , may your next baby be bright, talented and as good a son as Yu Chun. Call him Micky….the wonder boy who charms our wonder mum Lyn 🙂


  4. “Park Yuchun is my forever sunshine”

    This stuck out to me most of all, because my friends and I have made the term “chunshine” to describe the feeling of sun rays hitting you when you look at his heart-warming smile. Chunshine is like magic, it’s an instant relief of stress and all things bad.

    I am just like you. I’m still a kid that is fascinated by fairies, elves, witches, fantastic worlds and all that beautiful stuff. Your first paragraph is just like me.

    Your story was a pleasure to read! 🙂


  5. @cherryinvain, so when are we going to read your “chunshine” story? I come here a few times daily because I just love reading how others came to love Yu Chun.

    It’s so heart warming to read Choylyn’s story . I can’t imagine how she got to know the size of Yu Chun’s shoes !! LOL !


  6. @choylyn
    Hey! bakla! I miss you na… hahaha!
    I’m going to visit you and your bb boy soon, like next week?
    Hope you feel better.. take a lot of care ok?
    anyways, I love your story, really love this a lot… hahaha, even if I have read this before, I still enjoyed reading your story over and over again… thanks for sharing it here too…
    I miss spazzing with you too.. and with the rest of the girls too…

    We’ll hope your hubby will approve Yuchun related name…


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