Park Yoochun: In The Eyes Of A Grandma



You open the cover and you discover

The adventure begins

As you read through the pages

The story unfolds

As one chapter ends, another begins

All the chapters are different

But all lead to the end

And after the end, you open another.


Author:  Tom Cagan

I’m a grandma of four with the thought that I’m in the last chapter of my adventures… but now…

This is my story… a new chapter that began with Sungkyunkwan… as the drama series ended, opens a new chapter still with its lead star Park Yoochun. It has no final chapter yet and got no thought of ending it as the plot gets more and more exciting since then till now.

Who is this lead star… Park Yoochun?



They may try to write him down in history

With their bitter, twisted lies,

They may tread him in the very dirt

But still, like dust… he rise.


Just like the moons and like the suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still he rise.


Him who we don’t want to see broken,

Bowed head and lowered eyes,

Shoulders falling down like teardrops,

Weakened by soulful cries.


They may shoot him with their words,

They may cut him with their eyes,

They may kill him with their hatefulness,

But still, like air… he rise.


His sexiness upsets them,

It came as a surprise

That he dances like he got diamonds

At the meeting of his thighs.


Out of the huts of history’s shame

He rise

Up from a past that’s rooted in pain

He rise

He is an ocean, leaping and wide

Welling and swelling he bears in the tide

Leaving behind nights of terror and fear

He rise

Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear

He rise

Bringing the gifts his ancestors gave,

He is the dream and the hope of the hopeless

He rise

He rise

He rise

He is Micky Yoochun in the past,

He is Park Yoochun as he rise.





A Poem by Maya Angelou

Modified by: Grandma of Four


 Maya Angelou’s STILL I RISE



20 thoughts on “Park Yoochun: In The Eyes Of A Grandma”

  1. @Jellybean, I am so thankful Yu Chun chose SKKS as his debut drama. Lee Seon Joon has to be his alter-ego. Yu Chun has that inborn gift of picking the right projects as even his agency and his JYJ mates had warned him against tackling a sageuk at his debut project.

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    1. See, that’s another admirable thing about him. It’s like he “smells” what’s going to be good and even though it might seem difficult, he’s not afraid to risk it and go for it. Same thing happened with Sea Fog, he was discouraged from taking the role but he insisted. His instict is so spot on, you can trust him to pick good projects and carefully build his so far very successful career.

      That, to me, is the mark of a true artist. You have to believe in yourself no matter what.

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  2. This is so brilliant, grandma of 4! I really enjoyed your own version of the time, and you even had me laughing at parts. Your grandchildren are lucky to have a person like you as their grandma. 🙂

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    1. ha ha ha not lucky my dear coz i have more time for Yoochun than for them . . . just kidding of course, but the good thing is i have my recruits ha ha ha they are now chunsas too they have no choice . . . but there are good values they can learn from him and those i make clear to them even as young as they are.


    1. Oh definitely, he knows what to do at the right time. I think it doesn’t really matter to him if it’s going to be madly successfully, he seems like he wants to gain something new from each work. Doing the right thing for him at the right time, progressing slowly but steadily.


    2. u are right yc love . . . yoochun is gifted with wisdom and that is evident most if not all the time as he make decisions for his career though he listens to advices yet at the end he decides for himself and whaaaah he succeeds with matching awards and recognitions, so far as i search who amongst k-actors and k-pop idols who have garnered awards in their works i can find no one to match our yoochun, this makes me proud . . . forever a proud chunsa.


      1. @graymando6, I like the fact that you’re teaching values to your grandchildren using Yu Chun’s life example. I do that with my children too although I don’t compare their lives and achievements with his.

        Actually, his life can be written into a simple story for teaching moral lessons to kids in elementary school.


  3. “Doing the right thing for him at the right time, progressing slowly but steadily.”

    @Lina, I agree with you. Yu Chun seems to have the virtue of patience , not many youngsters are endowed with. Young men like him are usually in a hurry to succeed. I say this especially with regard to his apparent reluctance to produce a solo album.

    His 2 JYJ mates have produced a couple of solo albums since 2012 . Even his ex-colleagues in his old boy band must have done likewise by now ( I stand corrected). He even admitted recently to rejecting an offer by a music label to produce an album.

    Looks like he will do it only at the ” right time”.


  4. @Grandma of Four I like you edited version of the poem by Maya Angelou. It’s quite aptly edited.

    @Jellybean The words are a bit small and hence a bit hard to read.


  5. “Doing the right thing for him at the right time, progressing slowly but steadily.”
    @Lina.. really like this quote.. we shall try to apply in our life too.. with what we believe is his wisdom
    @grandma of four.. such a beautiful poem to apply for Yoochun… so we all believe.. He sure will rise again
    Yes.. life is a book that full if chapters. Youchun help me to open a new chapter in my life.. so how I wish we can help him to open a new chapter in his life as well… i really believe he can and the chapter will be a beautiful one…

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  6. @Grandma of four. This is absolutely beautiful and so true.He WILL indeed rise again and I am confident of it. He has shown to the world how STRONG he is when he stood bravely in front on a pack of hungry and unscrupulous reporters at the police station and to apologize for worrying us. He did not choose to hide by entering from a back door .He did not even wear a mask.This is Park Yuchun. I am so PROUD of him and very honored to be a Chunsa!
    @jellybean. Thank you again for having this blog for all of us to write our thots. May YC be strengthend by all our love and support


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