A Poem

Park Yu Chun…

 Scan 6

We are two completely different beings,

Not connected to each other.

Yet I feel there is some inner place

We seem to have met before.

Maybe like two ships passing in the night

I know you are out there, somewhere

But darkness means the further apart we are

The safer we will be.


Must I go to the solitude in my heart,

To seek the star that is beyond reach?

That beautiful Korean star

That baffles, yet mesmerizes me

And makes me wonder,


“Is he for real?”


Is admiration for you a place of loneliness,

Like a leper shunned by others?

Do I stay with my loneliness?

And feel vulnerable being mocked by skeptics?

Or do I look away from you,

And escape the path of pain?


Where can I go?

To that place of touch and healing.

Park Yu Chun…

Teach me to disown this pain.

yc by the sea2

by: YC Love


Originally shared by ParkYoochunSGFC



2 thoughts on “A Poem”

  1. @Pink Sapphire, the hardest thing I find is looking for the ability to express the capacity of my feelings for him. And that ability is not there. Never will be.


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