Please Forgive Me

I don’t know where or how to start. When I read excerpts from your interview, at first I was laughing at some things you said, especially about your lazy thumb. We do have some uncanny similarities. But when I read the part where you said you feel like singing is for other members, oh you don’t know how awfully sad that made me feel.

Let me say this upfront though, so there’s no misunderstanding: I am supporting you in whatever you want to do, in whatever makes you happy. I’m running with you for the next one thousand years. So there! That’s how much I’ve come to care about you. But I’m also just a normal fan. There is something in me that is selfish and greedy and thinks only of what pleasures it. And it’s your voice and your singing that does it for me, besides seeing you act and well, just seeing you. So please forgive me if it pains me when you say you feel like singing should be done by other members; that you feel you shouldn’t be greedy about it. Please forgive me if it makes me unbearably sad to learn that you’ve turned down a recording offer. Please forgive me for being sad even if in my heart I truly understand you.

And please forgive me if I hold on to this: “I always have plans but I just can’t seem to act on it.” Someday, may your heart tell you, “Yoochun-ah, it’s time to act on it.”

You say you have been running one-third of your life with us (I have only actually been with you for a fourth of that third). Well, let us run to the ends of the earth with you if that’s what it takes for you to believe that you will always have us. You think it’s okay for us to move on while you’re gone? Maybe it is, but do you really think we could? I can’t, you know.  One may forget an idol or a favorite actor or a favorite singer, but one never forgets a beloved. I guess you don’t want to hold us to a promise, so don’t. Come back after two years and see for yourself that we are still here, just waiting to resume the journey with you. I, for one, will NEVER be treading this path with anyone else. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for me. It’s only for you. ONLY YU.





7 thoughts on “Please Forgive Me”

  1. i join u and all chunsas treading this path with yoochun . . . not with anyone else . . . as this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing not just for you but i believe for most if not all chunsas . . . coz it’s only ONLY YU . . . the BELOVED that can fill d empty space in our hearts, mind and soul 🙂


  2. Hi, shall I address you as “Jellybean” since you didn’t indicate the name of the author of this blog specially dedicated to uri Yu Chun?

    @Jellybean, it grieves me too that I can’t differentiate between humility and inertia on Yu Chun’s part. Or has he other thinking beyond my head? Why does he not listen to his agency to release “Walk with her in spring?” It’s been 2 years since he first sang it in Tokyo Dome in April 2013. Even a single is better than no album.

    And why doesn’t he do a solo cover of his ( happened to be mine too) favourite JYJ song “Chajatta”? He sings it beautifully.

    Many non-singer actors have released solo albums , supported by their fans. It’s just so hard to fathom his mind why he thinks singing is for others ( presumably his 2 JYJ members) and not for him. If only he knows how desperate we want to hear him sing in that rich, warm , soothing baritone voice.


    1. “..shall I address you as “Jellybean” since you didn’t indicate the name of the author of this blog specially dedicated to uri Yu Chun?”

      Thank you, @YC Love for pointing that out haha! Maybe I’ll do an author’s profile later. A profile which contains my name only haha. I started this blog without knowing anything about blogging. If I could only write a book for Yuchun, I would in an instant. But sadly, I can’t. So I thought the next best thing I could do is to create a blog where I could put together stories of Chunsas like you, their thoughts and feelings for Park Yuchun, or just about anything that has to do with him.

      Thank you for sharing your story about him and poems for him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about him.


  3. Dear Jellybean, there’s no need to ask for forgiveness. Otherwise, many of us will have to ask for it too! 🙂 But seriously, I think that this boy didn’t know or is not convinced that his voice and singing is so unique and special to us that it cannot be replaced or substituted by another singer or group, however, good he, she or they are. It seemed to me that he thinks it is good enough that he can sing and publish his songs through JYJ. I also tend to think that he does not like his songs to be “commercialised” and “set” in a way. Or perhaps he cannot decide which version of the song (e.g. A Walk With Her in Spring) he would like to cut into a single. 🙂 Guess he has not come up with the perfect version yet. 🙂


  4. ” I also tend to think that he does not like his songs to be “commercialised”…”

    @Pink Sapphire, show me a singer who doesn’t want to sell his songs and I will show you an artist who won’t sell his soul. And we know who he is.


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