Between Two Centuries

I am going to hazard a comparison between a character I am very fond of, a “frustratingly unforgettable” character written more than two hundred years ago, a man called Mr. Darcy, and his modern counterpart (to my biased eyes perhaps? nah..), a quietly elegant young man with the bearing of a prince (even when wearing flipflops), who, from the moment he caught my attention has not since let me off, who has gotten me deeper into this enchantment without any hope nor intention of escaping, a man we call Park Yoochun.

  • The former is a product of a great, literary mind, the latter as real as the fingers typing these keys but may as well be as chimerical in my world as the real Mr. Darcy.
  • The former is an intelligent and witty man, the latter evidently as intelligent and as witty, and is said to possess a beautiful mind, with “sexy brains” if you will! The soul deep feel to the songs and music he created even when he was a young boy and the profound thoughts that were reflected in his tweets (which are sadly a thing of the past, sigh..) are not just products of an ordinary mind.
  • The former is a good listener, is in fact teachable. The latter humbly asking to be taught by seniors, spoken highly of mentors for his tenacity and thirst for learning.
  • The former is unafraid to speak his mind, a straightforward kind of guy. The latter unafraid to act on what is on his mind, with unbending determination and strength even when faced with criticisms and discouraging words, and blocks upon blocks of obstacles, but still has the spine to stand up and fight for what is right, a man fully in possession of himself.
  • The former is able to express his opinions and feelings, the latter as transparent and as readable as the book where the former exists.
  • They are from two different centuries but both are praised by the people who serve them. The former is praised by his servants; the latter praised by his staff and yes, by hotel cleaners! (Meet The One in Room 2330) Whether it’s the Victorian England or the modern-day Seoul or The Big Apple, for that matter, this statement will always be relevant: “What praise is more valuable than the praise of an intelligent servant?”
  • Both are caring about those close to them, may they be family or friends.
  • The former is totally devoted to his younger sister; the latter as devoted to and protective of his younger brother.
  • Both are “gentlemen.” The former a gentleman by birth, the latter a gentleman of the 21st century, by characteristic and behavior.
  • I think both of them are shy, but their shyness are manifested quite differently: the former appearing to be haughty and aloof, the latter his shyness bringing to the fore his unassuming self.
  • Obviously both are tall, handsome men, the former with a noble swag, the latter with a swag of his own, like to the manner born.

I could only compare up to this point because as much as my little heart desires it, I don’t know Yuchun personally and it would be presumptuous to delve into some things not so apparent when you’re a world apart. Obviously these are all personal opinion of someone who is very fond of these two men, the former existing only in a book, the latter I get to see only in my MacBook. 😜

Oh, I almost forgot! They both have horses for their rides. The former rode the four-footed kind, the latter has the four-wheeled kind:ferrari3

by: Jellybean




2 thoughts on “Between Two Centuries”

  1. @Jellybean,what a brilliant piece of writing.Not just a literary work but really a fair assessment of these 2 “genteel” men.

    I must add that Yu Chun , although of humble beginnings ,never brags of his current status nor keeps reminding viewers of how difficult his life was and is still, to some extent. I mean, how can a singer succeed without publicity on TV or radio? How to win new fans and sell albums?


  2. @Jellbean That’s an interesting comparison! Even though Pride and Prejudice is a difficult book for me, I can still remember Mr Darcy. And I like the interesting points about these two unforgettable men that you had sieved out in your article above.


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