When Did We Begin?

Park Yu Chun, the first time that I came across this name was in 2011 (probably in July), during the voting period for the Seoul Drama Awards. Then I was voting for another actor and I was wondering who was this other guy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal who always manages to receive so many votes over the rest. He was not ugly, but didn’t look handsome too. Then my daughter told me that he was an ex-member of TVXQ and had the support of the Cassies (members of TVXQ fanclub) and it really seemed like there were lots of them. And with regards to TVXQ, I only realised then that they sang the theme song A Thousand Year Love Song for the Korean drama The Legend, which I had watched in 2008. I still didn’t know or care about him then.

Later that year. I was watching the Lotte Duty Free CF song I’m so Loving You with Hyun Bin, Jang Keun Suk and Kim Hyun Joong. I had been watching their dramas then. And it’s my daughter again who introduced JYJ to me along with the other K-Pop groups in the video. She also briefed me about JYJ being ex-members of TVXQ. And I thought Yuchun looked the most natural and pleasant among the three of them. Still I didn’t care to find out more.


Couldn’t remember when I first saw Sungkyunkwan Scandal DVD on sale at local shops but it was there for quite some time. Even though I had heard that it was a good drama to watch, I didn’t give it a chance or rather I did not give myself a chance. I usually do not buy the DVD unless I know and like the story or the casts. In addition, the casts shown on the cover were so ordinary-looking! In a twist of fate, in September 2011, Sungkyunkwan Scandal DVD was offered as one of the free gift options when I purchased other dramas. I chose the Sungkyunkwan Scandal DVD since I had heard for some time that it was good.

ps lsj2Even after I had the DVD, it was just sitting on the shelf gathering dust for a month. I had some initial resistance. The publisher should have used a more attractive picture of Yuchun on the cover! Anyway, when I have not other better dramas to watch, I finally started watching SKKS and before long I got to love the character Lee Seon Jun and wanted to learn more about the actor Park Yuchun, even though I didn’t think that he had acted well, especially in scenes requiring him to show inner emotions.

I searched on the internet and found out much about him. He went to USA with his family when he was at grade 6 and attended middle school and high school in Fairfax, Virginia. In 2003, he left the States alone for South Korea when he got a contract with SM Entertainment in Korea. In December 2003, he debuted as Micky Yoochun with the group TVXQ. In 2005, the group went over to Japan to start as Tohoshinki. In 2009, he left SM Entertainment with two other members Kim Jae Joong and Kim Jun Su and they debuted as JYJ in 2010. I went on to listen and like the songs from TVXQ and JYJ, and watched TVXQ’s old Banjun dramas and variety shows.

Initially, I didn’t like K-Pop. It’s too noisy and I don’t understand what they were singing. I tried to listen to TVXQ’s songs because of Yuchun. But when my daughter introduced some TVXQ songs to me, I don’t really like them at all! For example, the song Love in the ice, it was awful with people “ah-ing” all the time! Then one day, I heard the song Begin. That voice that sang the first verse – I was enthralled by that warm and lovely voice! And that voice belonged to Yuchun! After that I enjoyed listening to TVXQ’s songs, always looking out for his part in their songs! And of course, Love in the ice is now one of my favourite songs. It sounded so different now. Haha! But what I like more are Yuchun’s solos and his duets with Jaejoong. I like Yuchun’s original compositions as well as his cover of other songs. I really like YuChun’s voice and singing – it’s low and husky, gentle and soothing yet sexy and smooth with a tint of sadness.


So the more I learn about him, his character and outlook in life, the ups and downs in his life and his interactions with his family, friends and colleagues, the more I care for him. I did a number of “first time in my life” kind of stuff because of him. He is also my happy pill. His smile never fails to bring on a smile onto my face. His voice and songs provide good company and his dramas good entertainment. Even though he is not the best singer, I still like to listen to his songs. Even though he still has much room for improvement as an actor, I still watch and support his productions. All in all, I care for him as a person even though he is not perfect.

Written by: Pink Sapphire



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Revised from original article posted @ Pink Sapphires and ParkYoochunSGFC


8 thoughts on “When Did We Begin?”

  1. nobody is perfect as d saying goes . . . even in d world of k-pop . . . what makes park yoochun stands out is his just being himself not trying to be perfect in the eyes of his fans yet doing his best to perfection in anything he does 🙂


  2. “Couldn’t remember when I first saw Sungkyunkwan Scandal DVD on sale at local shops but it was there for quite some time.”

    @PinkSapphire, I can tell you when the SKKS DVD first arrived in Singapore.

    After I saw SKKS on cable TV, I just had to own a piece of Yu Chun. So I placed my name to reserve the SKKS DVD in all the DVD shops I came across in the malls I visited. But strangely, compared to other dramas, SKKS DVD took the longest to arrive in S’pore.

    Not only did I cover the DVD shops in the malls, I gave my colleagues the mission to look out for the SKKS DVD for me as well. Imagine my happiness when I received a phone call from my colleague who saw the newly arrived SKKS DVD in the train station, on her way home. I bought 3 sets. One set to keep for posterity, one set to give away and one set to lend out to non-chunsas to spread Yu Chun’s name.

    Oh, the DVD arrived 6 months after the drama ended. In mid 2011.


  3. “…his just being himself not trying to be perfect in the eyes of his fans yet doing his best to perfection in anything he does’

    @graymand06, isn’t it strange that this guy has that maddening effect on us – that less is more? The lesser he tries to be perfect, the more we identify with the human that is in him and in all of us.


  4. @Pink Sapphire, for every beginning, there has to be an ending. But it looks like for chunsas, there is no end. Our love for Yu Chun just goes on and on……like the theme song in Titanic.


  5. I saw you say in one of the other pages that this was your story so I scrolled down to find it and I’m so glad. While your story has similar elements to all the rest (How many people exactly did SKK Scandal manage to convert to Chunnism? lol) it also has something really different and sweet: the fact that your own daughter introduced you to TVXQ and JYJ. There’s just something really endearing about the picture of a mother sitting down along with her daughter to watch videos and listen to her stories about kpop idols. Must be nice to have something like that in common with your daughter. If God ever blesses me with a daughter, I’ll make her a Yoochun fan. By that time, hopefully they’ll be loads of movies and dramas to watch and songs to sing.


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