If I Had Met You Earlier

by YC Love


Park YuChun…. I “met” you when you are a man ..
If I had met you as young Micky,
would you have the same effect on me?
I think not. …

Youth has its excitement but now, you are an unexplained attraction ..
A “conman” the Koreans say , “too perfect to be real ” !
To others, your sexiness is hot;
to me, your charm is cool.

Your enigma is mysterious …that is your persona
You keep a safe distance and no longer twit
Keep it that way, I don’t want you laid bare for every dissecting hand to get a piece of you ..

Is it your dreamy gaze that pierces?
Or your dazzling smile that blinds?
Or your childhood sorrow that turns hearts towards you?
Or your loving nature towards family and little girls
that let you claim a presence in our hearts that lingers on …..

Park Yu Chun……
your life is tinged with sadness and hardship;
no less were you born
where the winds of freedom do not blow?
Where contracts enslave you, fans encamp around you  and stifle every breath in you?
And you feel powerless within …

If you could live your life all over again,
would you rather be someone else on a different journey composing nameless songs …
only to be discarded as there is no stage for you to sing?
I hope not…..

You are born with a calling to calm the savage breast with your music ..
To touch hearts and connect souls with your soothing voice that made us say

” Saranghae…. !” I love you..!


Original Video by ParkYoochunSGFC PYC Here



2 thoughts on “If I Had Met You Earlier”

  1. Be it a young Micky or a grown-up Yuchun, I like them all! It was what I saw and learned about the young man that got me more interested in knowing more about him. That young Micky already has a mesmerizing voice. He learned the piano on his own and had already composed his own original composition that he sang at TVXQ concerts. He had also shown his intellect and wit in variety programmes besides showcasing his sporting and physical abilities. In addition, the ups and downs of his young life then added a veil of melancholy over his handsome face and gaze, which evoke feelings of care and concern for him. To me, young Micky already had that X-factor that makes him a really very likeable young man.

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  2. @Pink Sapphire, hey ! Shouldn’t you be converting such good comments into an article and get it posted instead.? We would love to read more of it.


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